EU aims to reverse bee decline with ‘buzz lines’

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reduction of insects using ‘buzz lines’

plan for a network of

ecological corridors for pollinators

It is part of a seven-year plan designed to increase

insect monitoring across the 27 member states

(Virginijus Sinkevicius, EU Commissioner for the Environment)

“Pollinators need stronger protection. The extinction of pollinators causes ecosystems to crumble. It would quite literally be the stuff of nightmares and we want to avoid that scenario. And the new agreement for the pollinators adopted today aims to reverse their decline by the year 2030.”

Currently, one in 10 bees and butterflies

a species is threatened with extinction

Pesticides, pollution and climate change are

among the risk factors faced by pollinating insects

“The first area of ​​action is better conservation of species and habitats. We will do this specifically with conservation plans for threatened species. We identify pollinators that are typical of protected habitats under the Habitats Directive and actions to increase that protection.”

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