Electric Vehicle- City of Nawabs can become a manufacturing hub of electric vehicles!

Electric Vehicle/Lucknow. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Rs 1500 crore has been signed with the Hinduja Group-owned Leyland Company in Uttar Pradesh. The company has claimed that it will be launched in 18 months. If this happens then we know that the city of Nawabs can become a manufacturing hub of electric vehicles.

Knowingly, it is said that if this plant of Hinduja is established in Lucknow, then in future this city of Nawabs will also be known as Motor City like Detroit. Not only this, except Gujarat and South India in recent years, this will be the first and biggest investment of any leading auto company in Uttar Pradesh. Before this, Ambassador in Kolkata, West Bengal and Maruti Suzuki in Manesar, Haryana had made big investments in this sector.

At present the company and the concerned department of the government are searching for land for this. More likely, the proposed unit will be set up on the vacant land of the closed Scooters India in Lucknow. However, land has also been seen in Prayagraj.

Under the MoU, Ashok Leyland will set up an integrated commercial vehicle bus plant focused on e-mobility in Uttar Pradesh, which will be Ashok Leyland’s first plant in the state. Under the partnership, Ashok Leyland will primarily focus on the production of electric buses, with facilities to assemble other vehicles powered by currently available fuels as well as emerging alternative fuels.Electric Vehicle

Ashok Leyland Chairman Dheeraj Hinduja said that this new unit in Uttar Pradesh will be started in the next 18 months. Work on various dimensions of e-mobility will be done here in a phased manner.

He told that we are working on a plan to convert our entire fleet of company diesel buses and commercial vehicles to electric and other alternative fuels in the coming years.

Amit Srivastava, Sales Head, SRM Tata Motors, says that any industry is not only profitable for investors but it also provides employment to a large number of people. People will get many benefits from the establishment of Hinduja unit. Only commercial electrical vehicles will be manufactured in the proposed unit. In view of future pollution, the government’s entire focus is on such vehicles. Electric Vehicle

Experts in the auto sector say that once upon a time, Ford and motor cars were synonymous with each other. An American entrepreneur named Henry Ford set up a vehicle manufacturing unit in the city of Detroit. After the Second World War, the city became a major center for the production of not only motor cars but also other commercial vehicles.

Recently, in the presence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, a Memorandum of Understanding (AMO) worth Rs 1500 crore was signed with Leyland Company owned by Dheeraj Hinduja Group. For the first time, the state government has signed such an MoU with an industrial house for the production of electrical commercial vehicles.

The auto industry is one of the fastest growing sectors since the havoc of the global pandemic Corona. According to statistics, the automobile industry contributes a lot to the growth of GDP. The contribution of this sector in the total GDP of the country is about 21 percent. About two crore people are employed in this sector. Electric Vehicle

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