Drake fans wait for hours at the Toronto OVO Warehouse Sale (VIDEOS)

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What would you do for a discounted OVO sweater? How about standing in line for at least four hours in the middle of a weekday?

In true Toronto fashion, thousands of locals experienced this week as they faced excruciating waits in the freezing rain to attend the 2023 OVO Warehouse Sale.

Lines of die-hard Drake and/or OVO fans filed into the Metro Toronto Convention Center this week, prepared to hunt for discounted sneakers and hats from Drake’s fashion label.

The first day of the sale was Wednesday 18 January and hundreds, if not thousands, waited outside for a chance to share the savings, clogging the pavements in the wee hours of the morning, with a gigantic line forming up from 5:30am.

Reports claim that some were quilted as early as 4:30 am, willing to sacrifice their sleep to save a few bucks on last season’s gray hoodies.

But by the time the second day of sales began, the crowds were noticeably smaller.

There’s also a chance that the stock has already been carefully selected by OVO’s most dedicated fans, leaving the scraps for those who couldn’t give up more than five hours of their lives to queue on Wednesday morning .

Stock changes daily, but according to Style Democracy, the organizers of the sale, there is no guarantee if or when they run out of stock. There are also specific product purchase restrictions that give everyone a slightly better chance of snagging their own owl shirt.

Of course, those restrictions probably won’t stop shoppers from showing up, as Torontonians willingly queue for hours for slices of overpriced cake as well as the Carlos Bake vending machine fiasco Shop in 2019.

This OVO store sale always draws huge crowds and lines in Toronto, but it also begs the question, are the discounts really worth it?

Looking at the evidence posted on social media by merch-hungry fans, the signs are clearly pointing to yes.


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