Did Hamas use the German girl’s credit card before disrobing her?

By attacking Israel with thousands of rockets, Hamas kidnapped a large number of civilians. Apart from Israeli citizens, these also include many foreign tourists. The video of one of these German women went viral on social media. Hamas extremists are accused of parading the woman naked. And now an information related to this woman has come to light. It is suspected that Hamas people had robbed this woman and also used her credit card.

According to the report of India Today, the name of this girl is Shani Louk. She is a resident of Germany. Shani had gone to a nearby area of ​​Gaza for a music festival. Shani’s social media profile revealed that she was living in Beit-Semesh area of ​​Israel. Before Gaza fired its first rocket at Israel on October 7, Shani made a phone call to his family. After that he lost contact with his family.

credit card used

In fact, Shani Luke’s family told a German news outlet ‘Der Spiegel’ that they had received information from Shani’s bank that transactions had been made with his credit card in Gaza. It is suspected that Hamas people had also looted Shani. During this time, perhaps his credit card was forcibly taken from him and it was also used.

In the conversation, Shani’s mother Ricarda Luke also said that she still has hope that her daughter is alive. He said in a video posted on X (previously Twitter) that he had seen his daughter unconscious in a car with Palestinians. On this he said with a sad heart,

“I don’t want to accept this right now.”

According to an India Today report, Shani had gone to an outdoor “Festival for Peace” party near Kibbutz Urim when Gaza was attacked by Israel.

On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel with thousands of rockets. According to the latest information, Israeli media has reported that the number of people killed in this attack has crossed 800, while the number of injured is said to be in thousands.

On the other hand, there are reports of hundreds of people being killed in the Gaza Strip area in Israel’s retaliatory attack. The Israeli Air Force has destroyed many Hamas positions. However, attacks from Hamas have also not stopped. It is reported that on October 9, it launched another major rocket attack on Israel.

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