Delhi CM Residence Controversy Arvind Kejriwal Reaction Attacks PM Modi | Delhi: CM Kejriwal spoke on the house renovation issue.

Delhi News: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal targeted PM Narendra Modi regarding the CBI investigation in the house renovation case. He asked that if nothing was found in the investigation this time, would he (PM) resign? He said that this is not the first time. The Prime Minister is nervous. More than 50 investigations have been done so far. Did more than 33 cases. Did all the investigation but nothing was found. This inquiry is welcome. Nothing is going to be achieved. They don’t work, they just make speeches.

‘Kejriwal is not going to bow down’

CM said, “Kejriwal is not going to bow down, no matter how many fake investigations he conducts. Fourth pass is a challenge to Raja. If nothing is found in this investigation, will he resign?”

CM Kejriwal wrote on social media Have got investigation done in more than 50 cases. Kejriwal said that he committed scam in construction of school, bus scam, liquor scam, road scam, water scam, electricity scam. I might have been investigated the most in the world. Nothing in any case. Found. Nothing will be found in this also. When there is nothing wrong then what will be found.”

Along with this he said, “What else can be expected from a fourth pass king? He just keeps playing the game of investigation for 24 hours, or keeps giving speeches. He does not do any work. He wants that Like other leaders and parties, I should also join them. But I am not going to bow down to them, even if they conduct as many fake investigations as I want, file as many cases as they want. I also challenge them – like in all the previous investigations. Nothing was found, similarly if nothing was found in this investigation too, will he resign for conducting a false investigation?

CBI has registered PE in this case

Let us inform you that CBI has registered a Preliminary Investigation (PE) to look into the ‘irregularities and misconduct’ allegedly committed by unknown public servants of Delhi Government in connection with the construction of the new official residence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. PE is filed to see whether there is prima facie material to lodge an FIR on the allegations.

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