Dance Video: Rachna Tiwari, who came to answer Sapna, created a stir on the stage with her Gadar dance, lots of notes were showered.

New Delhi: Apart from Sapna Chaudhary, who has made her name in the Haryanvi world, there are many such queens who are winning the hearts of people. Like Sapna Chaudhary, there are many dancers and singers who are ruling everyone’s mind. You might be wondering who are the queens who seem to be making everyone happy.

In this episode, whether it is about Gori Nagori or Sunita Baby and Rachna Tiwari, who are ruling the hearts of everyone. If you have not seen his video then you have seen nothing, which is surprising everyone. Today we are going to tell about the dance moves of Rachna Tiwari who impresses everyone with her hotness.

In terms of popularity, Rachna Tiwari is no less than any Bollywood celebrity, who forces people to think. You can also gauge fan following from their viral videos which make people go crazy with love. As soon as he comes on the stage, the crowd of youth and elders sitting in front loses their temper and wins everyone’s heart.

Rachna Tiwari created a stir with her charming style

The craze of Gori Nagori, who has made a name for herself in the Haryanvi world, is such that she seems to be winning everyone’s heart. If you have not watched his YouTube videos, then consider that you have not seen anything. Meanwhile, another dance video of hers is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which is forcing everyone to think.

You can see that Rachna Tiwari is first showering water on herself from a bottle on the stage, after which she is doing latke-jhatkas. Not only this, her fans are also seen being forced to dance with Rachna Tiwari, who is in everyone’s heart. The viral video has been viewed not once but millions of times, where fans are encouraging by leaving various comments.

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