Congress’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra in Khargone: Flower shower from 3 JCBs was the center of attraction

Congress’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra in Khargone: Flower shower from 3 JCBs was the center of attraction

Ashutosh Purohit’s report from Khargone

Khargone: Congress’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra started from Khargone today with worship at Siddhi Vinayak Ganesh Temple under the leadership of former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sadho, Umang Singar, Youth Congress State President Vikrant Bhuria. During this, a huge crowd of people gathered in the Jan Akrosh Yatra of Congress. The gathering of thousands of people on the call of Khargone MLA Ravi Joshi on the first day of the yatra which will visit 33 assembly constituencies in 12 days is being considered as the answer to BJP’s Jan Ashirwad Yatra. On the pretext of Jan Aakrosh Yatra, Congress MLA Ravi Joshi managed to show a show of strength before the elections. The Yatra was welcomed by showering flowers at various places in the city.

Shower of flowers from three JCBs was the center of attraction… Congress’s election conch shell…

The special thing was that he was welcomed separately by showering flowers from three JCB machines at the post office intersection. During the election season, a new tradition of welcoming JCB in Jan Aakrosh Yatra was also seen in Khargone.

During this, in the public outrage meeting organized at Khargone TIT Complex, Congress leaders fiercely attacked the 18-year tenure of the BJP government. Congress leaders kept BJP in the dock in front of the public by accusing the government of theft. After a long time, in the election season, with the effective presence of Congress, Congress leaders announced the assembly elections in Khargone.

Attacked BJP fiercely….

Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, co-in-charge of the yatra, said that the crowd of thousands of people after Ganesh Utsav in Congress’ Jan Aakrosh Yatra is the anger of the people towards the BJP government. With the participation of thousands of farmers, youth and women, the beginning has begun for the BJP government to go and Congress to come to power. During this, the former minister alleged that in 18 years, CM Shivraj Singh has made 25 thousand false declarations. If a competition is organized regarding lying of CAs of all the states in the country, then Shivraj Singh will be at number one in the country. Regarding Congress’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra in response to BJP’s Ashirwad Yatra, former minister Verma had said that Ashirwad would either increase inflation or put the state government in debt of Rs. 4 lakh thousand crores. This time the public will answer.

Here, senior Congress leader and former minister Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sadho, in response to BJP’s visit, had to say that we were already prepared. Nowadays BJP is copying Congress. Every farmer, tribal, Dalit woman in the state is unhappy due to the bargaining government. There is a flood of anger in the Congress’s journey. People are expressing their anger and blessing Congress. Those who stole the Congress government by buying MLAs are copying the announcements of the Congress. The public will answer in the 2023 assembly elections. Many senior Congress leaders including Bhagwanpura MLA Kedar Dabar, District Congress President Ravi Naik were present in the Jan Akrosh Yatra.

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