Chinese nuclear submarine trying to trap British vessels gets caught 55 sailors feared dead China’s nuclear submarine gets trapped in its own net, major accident in the Yellow Sea, 55 sailors feared dead

Beijing: Another Chinese nuclear submarine has become a victim of an accident. It is being told that this time too he met with an accident in the Yellow Sea itself. There are reports of death of 55 sailors of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in this accident. This information has been given by the British newspaper Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, the nuclear submarine got trapped in a net intended to trap British ships in the Yellow Sea. A similar accident had happened a few days ago also. Till now, China has maintained silence on both the accidents.

Oxygen system failed
One naval death was caused by a catastrophic failure of the submarine’s oxygen system, according to a secret UK report. Because of this the crew became victims of poison. It is being said that the captain of Chinese PLA Navy submarine ‘093-417’ and 21 more officers are also among the dead. Officially China has denied this incident. It is believed that China has also refused to accept the request for international help for its damaged submarine. The accident happened on 21st August
The UK report wrote about this fatal report in this way, ‘Intelligence reports that the submarine met with an accident while carrying out a mission in the Yellow Sea on 21 August. According to the report, this incident happened at 8.12 pm. This resulted in the death of 55 naval personnel including 22 officers, seven officer cadets, nine junior officers and 17 sailors. Captain Colonel Ju Yong-peng is also included in the dead. China’s Type 093 submarines have been part of the Navy for the last 15 years. It is 351 feet long and is equipped with torpedoes. Type 093 is one of China’s most modern submarines and has negligible noise.

What would have happened to the submarine?
The report reads, ‘Our understanding is that the death occurred due to hypoxia due to a malfunction in the submarine’s systems. The submarine became entangled in the chains and anchors used by the Chinese Navy to trap American and allied submarines, causing a system failure that took six hours to repair and surface. After a catastrophic failure, the oxygen system on the ship poisoned the crew. The drowning incident is believed to have occurred in China’s Shandong province.

China silent on the incident

So far, there has been no public confirmation of the suspected loss of the Chinese submarine. China has rejected speculations about the incident as ‘completely false’. While Taiwan has also denied the internet reports. The Royal Navy was also contacted to discuss the UK report but official sources declined to comment. This UK report is based on Defense Intelligence. According to a British submarine expert, this is likely to have happened and he suspects that China may have sought international support for obvious reasons.

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