china russia relation on next level as new statement from nations | Russia wants to bring China closer, said

Russia China Relation: Once upon a time, discussions about the enmity between China and Russia were popular all over the world, but now it seems that it is a thing of the past. In this context, a senior official of the Russian Presidential Palace, while hosting the Chinese Foreign Minister for security-related talks on Tuesday, has called for a close coordination policy between Moscow and Beijing. The official claimed that this is extremely important in view of Western efforts against both the countries.



‘Deepening the dialogue’
Actually, this closeness is being formed due to many reasons. At present, Nikolai Patrushev, close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Secretary of the Security Council, told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that Moscow wants to further strengthen progressive development and Russia-China strategic cooperation. Patrushev alleged that it is especially important to deepen Russian-Chinese coordination and dialogue at the international level amid the Western countries’ collective campaign to surround Russia and China bilaterally.

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‘Belt and Road’ summit
He said Putin was ready to hold “concrete” talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping during his visit to Beijing next month to attend a summit of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Patrushev has confirmed Russia’s support for Beijing’s policy on issues related to Taiwan, the western Xinjiang region and Hong Kong. Patrushev alleged that these issues were being used by Western countries to defame China.

Russia needs China’s support?
Let us tell you that Russia has now become an important ally of China. For the last 20 years, it has been providing many important technologies to China to develop the aviation industry. For example, uninterrupted energy supplies from Russia have helped China diversify and balance its imports from the Middle East and the US. At present, Russia needs China’s support more. China is important in thwarting the sanctions imposed on Russia after the Ukraine war. input agency

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