Caste Survey Data Live Bihar Government Release survey of 13 crore population

Caste Survey Data Live: CM Nitish Kumar said – will present all the things in front of everyone in the all-party meeting.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, “After doing everything, the result has come out. After that we have taken information about the financial condition of every family… We will put all the things before everyone in the all-party meeting tomorrow.” He said that in the meeting. The government will take all necessary steps after taking everyone’s opinion.

Caste Survey Data Live: Rahul Gandhi said – The more the population, the more rights

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has given a big statement on the caste based survey data of Bihar. Rahul wrote on his Out of 90 secretaries of the Central Government, only 3 are OBC, who handle only 5% of India’s budget! Therefore, it is important to know the caste statistics of India. The greater the population, the greater the rights – this is our pledge.

Caste Survey Data Live: Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav demands caste census across the country

Bihar Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav has said, “About 85 percent are backward and extremely backward people. Our plan is for socioeconomic justice. Now we will serve the people by bringing special schemes. Caste census should be conducted in the entire country.

Caste Survey Data Live: Former Deputy CM and BJP leader Sushil Modi gave this reaction

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi has reacted to the caste-based survey of the state on social media platform X. Sushil Modi said, “The decision to conduct caste census was taken by the BJP government. Today Bihar government has made the data public. BJP is studying the figures.

Caste Survey Data Live: Know what Bihar BJP President Samrat Chaudhary said

On the data of Bihar’s caste-based survey, BJP state president Samrat Chaudhary has said, “I had told Nitish Kumar’s government to release the survey but it is half-baked.” It has been Lalu ji’s habit to spread caste animosity and divide votes. It was BJP that implemented the recommendations of the Mandal Commission. It was BJP which had implemented Mandal and Kamandal. BJP follows only one agenda and that is development.

Caste Survey Data Live: RJD leader Jaiprakash Yadav’s byte – Congratulations to Lalu-Nitish for this work.

After the arrival of Bihar’s caste-based survey data, RJD leader Jaiprakash Yadav has congratulated Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and former CM Lalu Yadav. He said, “We congratulate Lalu ji and Nitish ji for this work. This fight was going on for many years.

Caste Survey Data Live: ‘Nitish Kumar has provided justice to the people’, said JDU leader KC Tyagi

JDU leader KC Tyagi reacted and said, ‘Today will be immortal in history, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has provided justice to the people of Bihar.’

Caste Survey Data Live: ‘Bihar model should be adopted for the country’s census’, said JDU spokesperson

After the caste census figures came out, JDU spokesperson said that Nitish Kumar does what he says. BJP had tried to stop the caste census. The country should adopt the Bihar model of caste census.

Caste Survey Data Live: ‘If the government is formed, we will also conduct caste census in MP’, said Digvijay Singh

Congress leader Digvijay Singh said that congratulations to the Bihar government for the caste census. After the formation of our government in Madhya Pradesh, we will conduct caste census here also.

Caste Survey Report live: ‘When the government is formed in 2024, we will conduct census in the entire country’, Lalu Yadav said after the release of survey data in Bihar.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav said, “Today, on Gandhi Jayanti, we all have become witnesses of this historic moment. Despite many conspiracies of BJP, legal hurdles and all the conspiracies, today the Bihar government released the caste-based survey. These figures are based on information about the deprived, We will set an example for the country in making a comprehensive plan for the proper development and progress of the neglected and the poor and in giving representation to the marginalized groups in proportion to the population. The government should now ensure that everyone has the same share as per their numbers. Our start We are trying to persuade that all sections should have equitable rights over the resources of the state. When our government is formed at the Center in 2024, we will conduct a caste census in the entire country and will oust the anti-Dalit, Muslim, backward and extremely backward BJP from power.”

‘The number of castes should be known’, Sanjay Singh said on caste census

Responding to the released caste census data, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh said, “There should be a caste census in this country. We should know the number of castes. Caste census is a matter for the entire country.”

‘Lalu and Nitish together are spreading confusion’, Giriraj Singh said on caste calculation

Union Minister Giriraj Singh said, “The caste calculation is ridiculous. Before presenting it, Lalu Nitish should have told how many poor people he has given employment to till now. This is equivalent to throwing dust in the eyes. This is the caste census. It has been presented by deceiving the poor and spreading confusion in the society. Today people are going to the moon and Nitish Lalu is presenting the caste census. Who will give the report of 33 years. Both Lalu and Nitish are spreading confusion together. Are.”


Caste Based Census: The figures of caste census conducted by Bihar government have been released. While giving its report on Monday (02 October), the Chief Secretary and other officials said that the report of caste based census conducted in Bihar has been released.

Additional Chief Secretary of Bihar, Vivek Kumar Singh said, “In Bihar, backward class is 27.13 percent, extremely backward class is 36.01 percent, general class is 15.52 percent. The total population of Bihar is more than 13 crores.” He said, “In Bihar, the number of upper castes is 15.52 percent, Bhumihar population is 2.86 percent, Brahmin population is 3.66 percent, Kurmi population is 2.87 percent, Musahar population is 3 percent, Yadav population is 14 percent and Rajput population is 3.45 percent.

After the survey data came out, political reactions were also coming. On the matter, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that today on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the data of caste based census conducted in Bihar has been published. Many congratulations to the entire team engaged in the work of caste based census.

He further said that the proposal for caste based enumeration was passed unanimously in the Legislature. It was decided with the consent of all the 9 parties of Bihar Assembly that the state government will conduct caste based census from its own resources and its approval was given from the Council of Ministers on 02-06-2022.

On the basis of this, the state government has conducted caste based census from its own resources. Caste based census not only revealed the castes but also gave information about the economic condition of everyone. On this basis, further action will be taken for the development and upliftment of all sections.

Soon a meeting of the same 9 parties of Bihar Assembly will be called regarding the caste based census conducted in Bihar and they will be informed about the results of the caste based census.

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