BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri Controversial Remark In New Parliament Notice Issue Opposition Attack Targeted BJP

Ramesh Bidhuri Controversy: During the recently concluded special session of Parliament, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ramesh Bidhuri was speaking in the Lok Sabha on the success of Chandrayaan. During this time, he started using objectionable language against BSP MP Danish Ali in the temple of democracy. After this the BJP MP’s ‘comment’ turned into a political storm.

It is not possible to repeat whatever Ramesh Bidhuri, who is in controversy, said in the Parliament, but his statements created a stir in the political circles. Even though a show cause notice has been issued to BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri, the opposition seems to be taking on BJP. Terming his unparliamentary remarks in the Lok Sabha as hate speech, the opposition has demanded strictest action against BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri.

‘If action is not taken MPs will leave’

Speaking on the objectionable remarks against him, Danish Ali said, “The dream of making India a world leader will not be fulfilled by this kind of behavior in parliamentary democracy. Stop cultivating this kind of hatred. You have not only insulted a member of Parliament from a minority community in the Parliament of India, which is called the Mother of Democracy, but have also embarrassed the entire country.” Apart from this, he also said that if action is not taken against Ramesh Bidhuri, he will leave MP.

‘This is very dangerous for the democracy of the country’

On this matter, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said, “A shop of love in the market of hatred.” Apart from this, Congress said, “Rahul Gandhi reached the residence of BSP MP Danish Ali to meet him. Yesterday in Parliament, BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri had insulted Danish Ali, he used very indecent and unparliamentary words and two former BJP ministers kept laughing obscenely.”

Maharashtra Congress chief Nana Patole said, “We strongly protest the way the BJP MP misbehaved with the opposition MP in Parliament. BJP should change its mentality. India’s democracy has always been strong. If anyone in Parliament has such a mentality then it is very dangerous for the democracy of the country.”

‘This is the language of mafia goons’

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party said, “Modi’s two-faced face exposed. When he asked questions on the misbehavior with women in Manipur, Sanjay Singh was suspended. When BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri used abusive language like a street scoundrel, no action was taken against him.” AAP MP Sanjay Singh said, “We repeatedly say that BJP is a party of scoundrels. The language used by BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri is the language of a mafia goon. If Om Birla ji has morality then take action against this MP.”

‘BJP did not take action against the MP’

On the matter, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) President Mayawati said, “Although the Speaker has removed from the record the objectionable remarks made by the BJP MP from Delhi against BSP MP Danish Ali in the House, he has also warned him and the senior minister apologized in the House. But it is sad/unfortunate that the party has not yet taken appropriate action against him.”

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