bihar train news as indian railways canceled trains

Train operations are still disrupted on the Buxar route in Bihar. Track repair work is still going on after the accident with North East Express train near Raghunathpur station. Rajdhani Express down…

Indian Railways: Bihar trains canceled


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Indian Railways: Bihar trains canceled

Bihar Train News: Due to the North East Express train accident at Raghunathpur station between Arrah and Buxar, the movement of trains on Patna DDU down line route has been affected. Even on Saturday, three days after the accident, the down line has not been repaired properly. Some trains including train number 12310 Tejas Rajdhani, train number 03262 Buxar Fatua coming from Delhi to Patna reached Patna. Keeping safety in mind, the speed of these trains remained between 30 to 50 between Buxar and Ara. At the same time, after 2 pm, mega block was taken at Raghunathpur station, after which the movement of trains in the down line completely stopped. More than 75 trains coming to Patna were diverted through the diverted route. Most of these trains reached Patna Junction via DDU via Sasaram and some trains via DDU via Gaya.

Eight trains canceled, route of 75 changed

Seven trains remained canceled on Saturday also due to the train accident. Among these, 03204 DDU Patna MEMU Passenger, 03289 Banaras Patna MEMU Special, 03278 Raghunathpur Danapur Passenger, 03620 Sasaram Ara Special, 03298 Patna Banaras MEMU Special, 03277 Danapur Raghunathpur Passenger and 03617 Ara Bhabhuha Special trains remained cancelled. Apart from this, half a dozen trains were stopped before their destination while 75 trains were run on diverted routes.

Track repair work continues in down line

According to the Railways, track repair work was done in the down line by taking mega block in the afternoon. During this time, the railway team is doing work to repair the tracks, signal and viral repairs. The empty space between the tracks is being filled with ballast. Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway, Virendra Kumar said that the movement of trains has been started from the up and down lines. But the down line has not been completely repaired yet. Due to which track repair work is being done using mega blocks.

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