Bhadohi News: Crowd of devotees gathered at Devi Temples on the first day of Navratri.

Shardiya Navratri, the time of worship of Adi Shakti, started on Sunday. Reached the temples to worship the Goddess on the very first day. Offered coconut, chunri, fruits and flowers to the mother and prayed for the desired. From morning till late evening, bells and gongs kept echoing in the goddess temples. Priests were also called and urns were installed in homes.

Preparations for setting up the Kalash had already started on the first day of Navratri. The purchase of puja material, fruits, flowers etc. was done on Saturday itself. On Sunday morning, Goddess worshipers took a pledge for a nine-day fast. After this, after cleaning the house, the priests were called. At the auspicious time, urns were installed at the place of worship. Invoked the nine forms of Mother Goddess in the Kalash. Fruits, flowers, incense, lamp, naivedya etc. were offered to the Mother Goddess. There were queues of devotees for darshan and worship at various goddess temples since morning. There was a queue of devotees from morning till evening at the ancient Kali Mata temple of the city, the Devi temple located at Ravinagar, Nai Basti, Kailashpuri, Shahkuti, Kaithapur, Parshurampur, Amoghpur, Galla Mandi, LBS Katra. Similarly, after Mangala Aarti, devotees performed Aarti at the feet of Mother Goddess at the goddess temples at other places including RPF Colony, Gaya Colony, Plant Depot, Loco Colony, Diesel Colony of Railways.


Devotees gathered for the darshan of Maa Rehda Bhagwati

Kandwa. On the first day of Shardiya Navratri, there was a queue of devotees since morning for the darshan of Maa Rehda Bhagwati at the Maa Rehda Bhagwati temple located in Chiraigaon. Devotees worshiped the mother and wished for their desired wishes. During this period, chants of Mother Goddess continued in the temple throughout the day. At the same time, in Jevariyaabad, the Kalash was established in the Durga temple on behalf of Shiv Parvati Temple Trust and the nine-day complete Devi Path was started by the Acharyas who came from Varanasi. During this, Sonu Singh, Rajkumar Singh, Ajay Singh, Kripanjay Singh, Rohit, Suchit, Chhotu, Akash, Sanjay etc. were present. Dialogue


Statue of Maa Durga installed in Dharauli and Majhwar


Chandauli. As soon as Shardiya Navratri started, with great enthusiasm, on the first day of Navratri, the idol was installed in some Durga Puja pandals by installing Kalash. Durga Puja Committee Dharauli, located in the ancient Hanuman temple in Dharauli village, installs the idol from the first day of Navratri and worships the idol for nine days. Similarly, in Majhwar village of Sadar development block also, the idol of Mother Goddess is opened on the first day of Navratri. There is a huge crowd of local people here to have darshan of the Mother Goddess. Dialogue

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