’Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 Is The Worst Yet Of The Show’s Run

All seasons of it Bachelor in Paradise Watching a train wreck is like dating on the beach for most of the cast, but season 9 has been so disastrous that it’s clearly the worst season yet, and that makes it appealing to many, unfortunately. So, even though this season is the worst in a long time, some people will be quite happy about it, and maybe even call it the best.

Some of the bachelors and bachelorettes on the show have the best of intentions, but the level of hypocrisy is so high from most of the beach professionals that their actions take a twist over each episode. Here are five reasons why season 9 is the single worst season Bachelor in Paradise yet.

5. Almost everyone is pretending to be the victim

Rachel is one of the best women on the show, but lately she’s given in to the victim mentality that a lot of people have had. In her defense, Brayden didn’t treat her right, so she’s wary. All in all, she had a hard time on the beach, but when Jordan – her former suitor Bachelor season – came and took her on a date, then it seemed like a possible match. The two were happy to see each other, despite Rachel ending it early in the season. She even expressed that she wanted to start things over with him.

Then Tanner got upset. Why? Because Tanner gave Rachel his rose despite not following her. Everyone, including Rachel, thought it was a friendly gesture, as Tanner showed zero interest. Then, he suddenly decided to tell her that he was really interested. Then she started spending time with him, but he seemed out of touch, leaving Rachel saying out loud, “I just want someone who loves me.” Well, that man is basically the man who came back for her, named Jordan. That said, Jordan didn’t consider that if a woman shoots you once, maybe that woman isn’t that interested in you.

However, Rachel’s case is the least dramatic of them all.

Will soon seduced Olivia, then dumped her for her friend Kylee, who wouldn’t care that Olivia was interested in Will. But, Kylee was using Will for a rose to keep her on the beach to come to River.

Then Mercedes cheated on Will – he deserved it – and now he realizes that Tyler could cheat on her. Like Rachel, she thinks she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. Meanwhile, Tyler made out with Jess, unbeknownst to Blake – the man she was in love with – but Jess was stunned when Blake sensed something was wrong, because they weren’t dating in any place. Got all that?

A lot of that is typical of the show, but it’s this season does not that is what hurts him the most.

4. More damage, less charm

Previous seasons of Bachelor in Paradise there were always people who were really the bright spotlight of the show. Now, it is mostly people who seem intent on hurting each other. Eliza is probably the only exception. The scales shifted away from the good guy, and producers preferred to show the bad guy much more. Remember when the show had heroes? The men used to protect the good women from the bad guys. That’s gone now, because they only stand for themselves.

Where are the odd duos who brought magic and humor to the show, like Evan Bass and Carly Waddell? Where’s our favorite drama-free couple, like Grocery Store Joe and Serena? There are far fewer interesting people, and far more troubled people. The season is getting lost – although viewers love to watch dramas, they soon miss the lovely couples that legitimized such a show.

3. Only one true couple has been created

Jess had a blast with Blake despite the fact that they were, at one point, the most likely couple to continue off the beach. Only Eliza and Aaron have emerged as a true success story. Heck, they’re already committed to each other!

Producers may not be to blame, but the idea of ​​the show is to end with multiple success stories. They even have recommendations at the end of each season. This year might be an exception because things are so bad. The only other couple who might have a chance is Kylee and Aven, though they’re unlikely to be in a relationship anytime soon.

It was not Bachelor in Paradise a season that did not end with at least one accolade. Of course, it’s not so much about proposals, as it is about a couple staying together after the show. We were all spoiled in season 7, which resulted in 5 couples staying together (technically one that got back together later). However, things quickly went downhill just one season later, when the show failed to produce a couple that stayed together, even though that was only a year ago. There were two proposals, but obviously those couples did not last.

Now what? The downward spiral the show started last season continues with this one. Time will tell if we get even one compliment, and if the story will be a success, but will it be enough to save this season from being a poor mix?

2. Sam’s unfortunate situation

One of the best women on the beach had to leave for crappy reasons. Sam was the most emotionally mature person but, surprisingly, she developed serious constipation problems. I wonder if it should even be mentioned, but producers not only built a plot line around it, but even raised it to that point. She was constipated for 9 days, and the doctor suggested they relieve her by surgically removing it. The doctor, in his words, explained it as “like delivering a baby poo.”

The irony is that she was the one person who didn’t deserve any shame. Her predicament was resolved when she left to go back home to a more familiar environment. She had even developed a good bond with the other Aaron. So she was gone because she couldn’t give a sh**! As it turns out, most people don’t give a sh** about the rest of the hull.

1. Immaturity Kat

Kat is one of the worst people on this season. She shouts insults in frustration when people expose her for using Brayden after ditching him for Tanner, but then when Tanner sets her up for someone else, she completely loses it. She even said, to everyone’s laughter due to karma, that she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. She speaks so highly of herself and so low of everyone else that it makes one wonder why she doesn’t date herself.

She got back at Tanner by stealing John Henry from Olivia despite never hinting that she was interested in him before. Her childish outbursts are extremely childish, she holds too much frustration, and the worst part is that she has no self-awareness.

The show always has a villain, and she’s no doubt the chosen one for this season, but the show is more of a black eye than anyone else, unless she finally beats someone like wish her to, despite settling for that poor piñata.

I hope, no matter how this season ends, the producers realize that they need to have a good mix of people next season filled with heroes, quirkiness, potential couples that would be good together in really, and get back to the charm of the show.

Villains are welcome, but not when all the good is gone.

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