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Beijing: After the sudden disappearance of Qin Gang, former Foreign Minister of China and close to President Xi Jinping, many types of speculations started at the international level. But according to a recent news published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Chinese President Xi Jinping had dismissed former Foreign Minister Qin Gang from his post due to alleged extramarital affair.

It was reported that the Communist Party of China (CPC) investigated the matter and found that this incident happened when Qin Gang was serving as the Chinese Ambassador to the US. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry refused to say anything on this matter. Qin’s removal surprised many as he was considered close to Xi Jinping. He was not seen in public for more than a month, before he was removed from his role in July. Many types of speculations started about his absence.

The CPC investigation said Qin was fired because of his ‘lifestyle’. According to Wall Street Journal and CNN reports, this word is used in China for ‘sexual abuse’. The Wall Street Journal reported in its report, ‘Despite Kin Gang’s marriage, she was having an affair with someone, with whom she also has a child.’ Authorities have not made public the names of the woman and the child. On the other hand, the former Foreign Minister is cooperating in the ongoing investigation. The investigation focuses on any actions taken by Qin to harm China’s national security. Qin served as China’s ambassador to the US from July 2021 to early 2023.

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When Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning was asked about this matter, she said that she has no information about it. According to CNN report, Xi Jinping has refocused his attention on national security. Jinping has taken steps to strengthen China’s espionage and intelligence gathering system by the summer season of this year.


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