Anushka Sharma’s baby bump visible during Ind Vs Pak match, attempts to hide it were in vain, VIRAL VIDEO confirms!

Mumbai: On Saturday, the World Cup match between India vs Pakistan was played at Narendra Modi Stadium, in which India registered a tremendous victory. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma had also come to watch the India vs Pakistan match, from where many of her videos also surfaced. After seeing these, once again the rumors of Anushka Sharma’s second pregnancy have gained momentum among the users. In the new video, Anushka Sharma is seen with husband Virat Kohli and it seems as if she is hiding her baby bump, which seems to confirm the pregnancy rumours.

The actress had attended the Ind Vs Pak match in Ahmedabad on Saturday with her cricketer husband. During the match, she was seen several times in the stands by the cameramen, but Anushka wore such a dress, looking at which it seemed as if she had come with complete planning and was hiding her baby bump. However, now a new video has surfaced online in which a glimpse of Anushka’s baby bump is visible.

A video has been shared on The video has been taken in the hotel where Team India stayed. Virat was seen holding wife Anushka’s hand while passing through the lobby. During this, Anushka’s baby bump was clearly visible while talking with a cricketer’s wife.

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Rumors of Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy started a few weeks ago. Last month, a source told Hindustan Times that the actress is pregnant for the second time. Earlier, Anushka had given birth to her first daughter Vamika in 2021. Vamika is now two and a half years old.

The source had said in this regard- ‘Anushka is expecting her second child. Like last time, this time too the couple will announce it formally. The actress is currently staying away from the public eye to avoid any kind of speculation. The report also states that the couple was recently spotted by the paparazzi outside a clinic in Mumbai, but they requested that their photographs not be taken. He requested the paparazzi not to publish his photos with the promise of making an announcement soon.


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