Anupama Rupali Ganguly on Samar quitting the show says this

Now a very shocking twist is about to come in the story of Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and other celebs starrer TV show. Sagar Parekh is going to die soon and will also say goodbye to the show forever. Now Anupama has…





Anupamaa is currently one of the most watched shows on Indian television. Rajan Shahi’s show gets a large number of viewers, which includes people of all ages. This show stars Rupali Ganguly, who became famous in every household with Anupama. Other actors of the show are equally popular among the audience. Talking about other actors, Sagar Parekh alias Samar is Anupama’s son. In the upcoming track, the audience already knows that their story is about to end. Many promos have already hinted that Sagar’s character in Anupama is dying. There is also speculation among the audience whether the character will meet his end after dying in a car accident. Now, in a recent post on social media, Rupali Ganguly expressed her love and affection and penned an emotional farewell post for her onscreen son.


Is Samar really saying goodbye to Anupama?

Uploading a beautiful shot from the serial in which Anupama is seen kissing Samar on the cheeks, she wrote in the caption, “Anupama and her Bakuda Samar…one of the most beautiful mother-son bonds ever created on television.” …The first relationship I connected with was because that was the first promo I shot… I loved this extremely detailed feeling of a mother with her favorite child… a child who understands her, encouraging her gives her strength, holds her hand, treats her like a queen….a son who is his world and for whom his mother is his world…this feeling grew further when The ocean came as my summer…”


Anupama wrote a heart touching message

Furthermore, he also wrote, “Stepping into a well-established character is no easy task… but the scenes we have done over the past few days have shown us the range and emotions you have displayed as Summer.” has pleasantly surprised me… the extremely complex yet balanced performance in the kitchen scene completely bowled me over. It’s heartbreaking and emotionally draining as Anupama says goodbye to her precious child. .. But my true love for you as a person has made it all the more believable for me… Maybe this is Anupama’s final farewell to Samar (or maybe not) but this bond we have got will last forever Will remain… Thank you for being a beautiful soul like Sagar… Thank you for being Summer to my Anupama… May you always shine. Thank you @rajan.shahi.543 for this unique bond of Anupama and her Bakuda. ..always grateful.”


Sagar Parekh’s reaction to Rupali Ganguly’s comment

Responding to Rupali Ganguly’s post, Sagar Parekh wrote, “My heart is full…I remember my first day on the set…where you welcomed me with a warm hug..said “Anupama Welcome baby.!” And right after my first shot… which was a perfect dance sequence, I saw you clapping and cheering for me..! A bond was formed that very day. Which became stronger in no time..! I have learned a lot more from you. The entire team of Anupama is the best..! And now I can definitely proudly say that I have learned from the best..! Every Stepping into the shoes of Samar, the thought in my mind was that I will not let anyone down…and make them believe that yes I am your Samar..! OFC my biggest challenge was to make you believe this..! And Now all the praises I am getting from you and you being proud of me.. have made me believe in myself even more..! Thank you for everything..! Thank you for being you..! I love you. I am…! @rupaliganguly thank you for treating me like your son..! Samar will and will always be alive in the hearts of millions and most of the people the important thing is that in Anupama…God has been kind..will always be grateful…to @rajan.shahi.543 sir for making me your Samar Thank you…I am so grateful to you that a million thanks would be enough and thank you to @directorskutproduction for making Anupama a home away from home for me. Lots of love to the fans who accepted me with open arms.. You guys really turned my nightmare into a dream.. Love you all..! The picture is still pending..!”

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