Alien found in Mexico was once alive… CT scan revealed

Doctors there have made a surprising claim regarding two small alien mummies found in Mexico. The claim is that the body of one of these two aliens was alive earlier. All his organs were biological. Were working properly. And evidence of pregnancy developing in the body is also visible. (Photo: AFP)

CT scanning of these non-human tiny bodies was done at the Noor Clinic in Huiqulucan, Mexico. MRI was done. Apart from this, many other types of investigations were done. After this, the doctors here claimed that no changes have been made by humans in the bodies of these alien mummies. These are in their original condition. (Photo: Reuters)

Mexican Navy Office Secretary and Director of the Health Sciences Research Institute, Josh Jalsh Benitez, said that these mummies have not been tampered with. These were investigated so that their origin could be ascertained. Let us tell you that last week Mexican journalist Jamie Mason had shown them in front of the Mexican Congress. (Photo: Reuters)

Scientists’ investigation claims that these are not unnatural or artificial structures made by humans. The surprising thing is that one of these alien mummies was alive at one time. His body was absolutely fine from inside. All biological organs were functioning properly. Also, evidence of pregnancy developing has also been found. (Photo: Reuters)

A large lump has been found in the stomach of an alien mummy. Which the doctors are considering as a developing pregnancy. Or possibly it was an egg. After this, DNA test of these alien mummies was done. They were compared with 10 lakh species. But they are not found in any species known to man. Nor are they a cross breed. (Photo: Reuters)

Journalist Jamie Mawson, who calls himself an expert on aliens and UFOs, showed two alien mummies last week. Senior officials of the Mexican government and people of Congress came to see it. He had claimed that these two alien mummies had come from another world. Both mummies were found near Peru in 2017. (Photo: Reuters)

Their body is chalk colored. There are three fingers each on the palms. Their bodies and heads are stuck. Jamie also took a written oath to prove that both of them were aliens. They claim that these two alien mummies were buried underground at a place near Peru for 1000 years. (Photo: Reuters)

Scientists around the world do not agree with Jamie. Jamie often talks about pseudoscience on YouTube. Make such claims for which there is no evidence. He is convinced that aliens live in Mexico. Scientists all over the world were shocked and worried because of Jamie’s exhibition. Because they couldn’t believe it. (Photo: Reuters)

Now, after the claims being made after these medical examinations, it seems that scientists from all over the world will investigate these alien mummies. However, Ryan Graves, who actually saw the alien vehicle, says that he is saddened by Jamie’s stunt. Only after this the investigation of these alien mummies was started. Were staying. (Photo: Reuters)

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