9 Reasons Why ‘The Marvels’ Makes Absolutely Zero Sense

It’s obviously silly no The dedication of MCU, as it seems to have so much fun in being as weird as possible, that logic has stopped making its way to the scripts, something The Marvels It is confirmed beyond any lingering doubt.

Some pretty heavy spoilers follow for those not watching The Marvels yet, as well as some emotionally-damaging questions for our fellow Marvel-eers who at you He binged, and they are standing strong by their supposed merits.

Help us find the same positivity, will you? Because, for the rest of our lives, we cannot find logical answers to the questions below, to stop their overpowering shadows. The Marvels another Quantummania for us.

Where did the Skrulls go? Because New Asgard is not an option

Image via Marvel Studios

Valkyrie then takes those Skrulls that Carol manages to rescue from the planet Tarnax, and promises to resettle them. Since the Asgardians themselves saw their planet destroyed, leaving them with nowhere else to go but Earth, it seems like Valkyrie couldn’t relocate the Skrulls anywhere else.

But take them to the New Asgard too impossible. Just as six episodes passed, Secret Invasionthe conclusion was also a big mess, one in which President Ritson declared all foreigners as enemies, and promised that America would find them and kill them all. It’s already surprising that the Asgard are allowed to remain in such a hostile environment, and seeing as Ritson’s anger was particularly directed at the Skrulls, it’s hardly a wise decision to take them to certain death.

How are there more Skrulls? Current statistics differ

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Secret Invasion
Screenshot via Disney Plus

Secret Invasion established that there are millions of Skrulls on Earth in all that is left of the alien species, and yet a much larger number appear to live on the planet Tarnax. Didn’t Fury and the Skrulls who live on Earth know that a perfectly good planet, inhabited by their people, was available? Carol was MIA for years, but she met Fury during and after the World War — did they ever discuss the millions of shapeshifting aliens they brought to Earth and swore to protect?

Where did Nick Fury’s wife Varra or Priscilla go?

Priscilla Varra in Secret Invasion on Disney Plus
Photo via Marvel Studios

I swear, I’m done with Secret Invasion related discrepancies, but first, where is Varra? The Marvel series ended its disappointing streak when Fury and Varra left for SABER in a spaceship together. And yet, there was no sign of Varra throughout the film. Was she finally tormented by Fury’s inability to see her Skrull appearance, and finally leave her one-eyed ass in cosmic dust to live out her life?

How are the planets that Dar-Benn siphon “recovered?”

Dar-Benn, a Kree revolutionary, standing in front of a group of Kree soldiers brandishing her hammer.
Image via Marvel Studios

Dar-Benn used the combined powers of his Universal Weapon and the bangle to siphon the atmosphere of Tarnax, and the water of Aladna, and send them away to the dying planet, Hala. But in the final minutes of the film, we are given a one-line closure about the fate of the planets – that they are (somehow) “recovering.” How?

Did Carol use Dar-Benn’s weapon to reverse this situation? But, Kamala immediately returned to Earth with her bangle after the fight, and we have no confirmation that Carol wore it, so who wore it to combine her powers with the powerful team to do what Dar had done -Benn to reverse?

Or are the planets recovering on their own? It is shown that Carol only manages to save a few Skrulls after Dar-Benn cheats their atmosphere, but Aldana is of no help. Surely without any water, which is also important to maintain that thing called atmosphere, everyone’s death? We saw the immediate effects of Dar-Benn’s attack on Tarnax. So, by that logic, did Carol leave everyone on Aladna, even her dear husband, to die a very painful death?

Why did Dar-Benn start giving up the second she put on both bonds, but Kamala didn’t?

Ms. Marvel
Screenshot via Disney Plus

Yes, we’ve been dancing around the fact that Kamala is a mutant, but that’s not confirmed. We have no explanation why Dar-Benn went into default destruction mode while wearing them, but Kamala didn’t – even if she’s a mutant, how does that protect her?

How is Kamala using her powers when she is not hindered?

Iman Vellani in the Marvels
Photo via Marvel Studios

Kamala got her powers i Ms. Marvel after wearing the bangles, and not once showing her powers without them, although it is revealed that the bangle only released her dormant powers. But when Carol Dar-Benn fails to fight the Quantum Bands, the villain explodes, leaving Monica scrambling to save a momentarily lost Captain Marvel as he floats in space… between the two lie. Just then, Kamala makes a giant crystal fist – again, not wearing the bangles — and whisks them away to safety.

So Dar-Benn’s bangle absorbs the energy thrown at it, but Kamala’s bangle doesn’t?

Dar-Benn in The Marvels
Photo via Marvel Studios

For some reason, which we’re sure will never be explained, Dar-Benn was always on the receiving end of Carol and Monica’s bursts of energy, pushing him. But when she hit Kamala with her powers, the latter’s bangle didn’t do the same trick. Are the two different? Or did the writers forget, in their effort to give Dar-Benn, that they are the same?

Do Kamala’s parents move from New Jersey to Louisiana because their house needs renovation?

Kamala Khan's parents
Photo via Marvel Studios

The initial tussle with the Kree left Khan’s house in shambles. But there is certainly no reason to travel that far. It’s not like their house can never be renovated, or that their new residence will provide additional security. America already knows that Kamala is a superhero, so there’s no hiding it, and Carol is never really around to provide them with 24/7 protection.

We talk about the convenient presence of the Flerkens baby

The Flerkens in Marvel Studios' 'The Marvels'.
Image via Marvel Studios

Okay, we’re not even questioning how Geese lay eggs, and the entire reproduction process. But that was one convenient Flerken catch on a ship that was ready to go down and needed immediate evacuation.

Do you know what the actual joke is? That the entire film was designed without the intention of meeting any expectation, be it sane or baldly insane, and that it was rolled out simply as filler to introduce the X-Men. Not a single plot point of it The Marvels affect the MCU in the long or short term. And if X-Men revealed that was all they were aiming for, Marvel could have stuffed Monica No Way Home.

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