15 years, 600 times rape… Warrant against priest, girl raped from church to parking

A church pastor in Houston, Texas state of America has been accused of raping a girl and impregnating her. It is alleged that Pastor Robert L. Carter has been raping the victim since she was 7 years old. In the last 15 years, the priest raped the girl more than 600 times. The victim’s father has called the accused priest a ‘demon’.

According to media reports, the accused is a pastor at ‘Robert L. Carter Sanctuary Church of Christ’. He used to take the girl to her house as well as to many other places and rape her. In this, he has committed heinous acts in the shop parking lot, grandmother’s house and Greater Bible Church.

In the warrant issued against the accused priest, it has been said that he started raping the victim in the year 2008. The warrant also states that he used to go to the girl’s room at night and rape her. When the victim was 16 years old, Carter got her pregnant. After this she was forced to give birth to the child.

The victim’s father says that Pastor Carter was like a family member to him. Their daughter had been around that monster since she was just 6 years old. Carter has always been big to him. In such a situation, it seems that the girl might have been scared. He further said that he does not understand that he is roaming around propagating Christianity. Even after this he is doing all this.

Speaking about impregnating the girl and then forcing her to give birth, he said what if she had died that night? He had taken the girl and then kept her in a room. After this the child was taken to the fire station and left there. Now the daughter is trying to get her child back.

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