World Health Organization expressing possibility of new dangerous disease X even from Corona

News of Monday, 25th September 2023

World Health Organization expressing possibility of new dangerous disease X even from Corona

According to global health experts, 5 crore people are expected to die.

New Delhi: World Health Organization for a major disease worldwide (WHO) He has issued an alert saying that a new disease X from 5 Millions of people may die. This new disease compared to the corona epidemic 20 Many times greater is the disease. WHO President Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that this disease is like X Then may strike and this epidemic is feared to kill millions of people. This is very deadly and scientists are working on making a vaccine to prevent it.

WHO He said that since the corona epidemic till now 25 It is estimated that lakhs of people died. But this new disease is more deadly than that and because of that 5 Millions of people are expected to die. Global health experts have said of the new disease that there are fears that Disease X could cause a devastation similar to the Spanish flu. 1918-20worldwide due to the Spanish flu in 5 More than a crore people died.

Epidemics kill more than World War

Kate Bingham, chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taxforce, said such epidemics cost millions of lives. Twice as many people died prematurely from the Spanish flu as did the First World War. He said that many times more viruses are present today than before and its variants are also infecting people faster. Although not all variants are lethal, they can cause epidemics. Approximately 25 The virus family has been identified and scientists will soon develop a vaccine.

An infectious disease that will cause an epidemic

WHO He said that people need to avoid new diseases. All these are infectious diseases and will cause epidemics. In addition to the new disease X, the Ebola virus, Marburg, Severe acute respiratory syndrome, covid-19, Zika, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome etc. are involved. X is considered to be the most dangerous disease among them.

X is not a disease but a word

Health expert said that there was disease X even before Corona. Which was named Corona. This term is used because once the disease is known it will be given a name. This is a kind of placeholder. In medical science, this term is used for an unknown disease. At present, scientists do not have clear information about the shape-type of this disease. It is named Disease X so that the next time a new disease is discovered, it will be renamed with it.

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