Why Jaylen Brown thought Celtics nuggets’ delay was ‘poorly managed’ because of crooked rim

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Jaylen Brown is calling Ball Arena after a long delay between Celtics and Nuggets originally aired on NBC Sports Boston

The Boston Celtics were attempting a fourth quarter comeback against the Denver Nuggets at the Ball Arena on Sunday when the game was stopped with 6:43 left due to equipment failure.

That “malfunction” – a bent edge caused by a dunk by Robert Williams – resulted in a 40-minute delay and dropped the game.

When play finally resumed, the Nuggets held on for a 123-111 win. The whole situation did not sit well with Celtics star Jaylen Brown, who shared some harsh criticism after the game.

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“There was no communication,” Brown said. “Obviously the rim was leveled a little to the left or something. (They) spent all the time fixing it, but when we came back it still looked like it wasn’t even level in my opinion. So we just wasted all that time and it affects the game, that’s how injuries happen and things like that.

“Fortunately this was not the case [happen], but this was not good. This whole process was mishandled in my opinion and it affected the game as well. But fortunately no one was hurt.”

The Ball Arena staff had two ladders set up under the basket and used a spirit level to identify the problem. But her multiple attempts to straighten the rim failed, eventually forcing her to completely remove the rim from the back wall.

Brown’s teammate, Jayson Tatum, was a little kinder, simply calling the delay a “weird situation.” Marcus Smart was spotted alone on the court for a few minutes while Nuggets big man DeAndre Jordan spent the time playing rock-paper-scissors with a fan.

The Celtics were down 13 points in overtime, so it’s hard to say that cost them the game. They will try to regroup against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night in Oklahoma City.


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