WHO has warned about the new epidemic, it can be 7 times more serious than Corona

New Delhi: Corona epidemic has kept the world in its grip for more than 3 years. Still many countries of the world have not sat on one side of Corona vaccination, health experts have alerted about new variants in many countries including UK-America. These variants have a higher infection rate, and because the mutation is higher, the risk of infection is higher even in people who have been vaccinated or who have developed immunity after a previous infection. The risk of corona is still there, health experts have alerted people about another epidemic.

According to a report by Daily Mail, health experts around the world have warned that another epidemic is rearing its head after Kovid-19, so people need to be alert now. Not only this, according to health experts, more than 50 million (5 crore) people may become victims due to the epidemic, so this may prove to be a major health risk.

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Is Disease-X the new epidemic?

The disease being seen as the main cause of the next pandemic could potentially be Disease-X, the World Health Organization said. The threat of this pandemic is still there, meaning it has already started.

According to media reports, this epidemic may be seven times more severe and deadly than Kovid-19, due to which the health department may face huge pressure in the coming time. According to health experts, not everyone can be considered to be at risk of this disease, but this disease can definitely affect a large part of the population globally.

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What is Disease-X?

Disease-X, considered the main threat to the new epidemic, is not a disease, but a word. According to WHO’s health experts, Disease-X has been used to refer to an illness that develops in an individual. However, the cause of the epidemic has not yet been clarified. The World Health Organization used this term for the first time in 2018.

A quick look at different viruses

Scientists said that, in the coming days, due to which virus, an epidemic-like situation may arise? To find out, we are monitoring about 25 types of viruses and their families. In the last few days, the risk of transmission from animals to humans is increasing, seriousness is also being shown about these types of diseases.

Everyone should try to increase their immunity to avoid any kind of epidemic in the future. Only by doing so can you help avoid communicable diseases and the risks they pose.

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