When should dengue patients be admitted to the hospital?

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Dr. Kritarth Kanjia, a well-known physician of Morbi, gave guidance

Morbi: During the monsoon season, mosquito-borne diseases are aggravated, especially when the prevalence of malaria and dengue is high, and patients resort to home remedies. Dr. Kirtarth Kanjia, a well-known physician of Morbi, has given guidance on when patients should be admitted to the hospital, especially in case of dengue.

According to Dr. Kritarth Kanjia, dengue is a viral disease transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, which causes high fever, excruciating headache, joint and muscle pain, and skin rash and often mild bleeding that can lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever. Which can often be fatal. Therefore, it is very important to know when dengue patients should be admitted to the hospital.

Dengue patients should be admitted to an infection specialist immediately if they experience the following symptoms such as unbearable abdominal pain, persistent vomiting

Bleeding such as vomiting urine or blood in the nose or gums or nose

Difficulty breathing, feeling restless or irritable, sudden drop in platelet count, cold hands and feet,

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Dry or bluish lips, excruciating headache or pain behind the eyes, feeling tired doing normal tasks, increased heart rate, scanty or yellow urine.

If patients experience any of the above symptoms, they should be immediately hospitalized for monitoring and treatment. Hospitalized dengue patients are usually given saline injections and fever medication, and severe patients may require blood or platelet transfusions to control bleeding. Antibiotics do not work in dengue fever, and pain killers can reduce platelets. Therefore, it is not necessary to take antibiotics or pain medication in dengue fever.

Timely diagnosis and accurate treatment can win against the serious illness of dengue. For more details Dr. fever and critical infection specialist. Kritarth Kanjia can be contacted, Md. 9724797961

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