Want to be a YouTuber? Video editing made easy

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Watching other people’s videos on YouTube and especially seeing their ever-increasing popularity makes you want to become a video creator or YouTuber too.? Such vloggerThe job of becoming is thus easy, You must have a smartphone with a good camera. Things become even easier if Gherbeth is a shootable topic. Even if you are making videos about various tourist places or famous eateries in the city, it is not too difficult. That’s it, Go to that place and keep shooting videos with your smartphone. Need a partner to shoot selfie videos or a relatively good selfie stick will work.

So shooting videos for your video channel is easy, But then editing it well is a bit of a difficult task.

There are a number of free and paid tools available for this as well. Earlier we TechnoworldI have talked about such tools. Some tools are particularly feature rich, But it is difficult to use for beginners of video editing. Also, since such tools are mostly available on the desktop, it becomes necessary to have a computer.

Considering these problems of video creators, YouTube has now given them a new gift. As an Android app.

This app can fulfill almost all the needs of an average video creator, You should get a kick out of video editing just on the small screen of a mobile. So now in the language of most YouTubers Ia Shuru Karate Hain Mute Ki Baat, Without any delay…!”

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Tiktok app has been banned in India, But everywhere else in the world, YouTube is getting fierce competition from Tiktok. There are many reasons for that. One of them is that making videos for Tik Tok is easier than YouTube. On the other hand short videos like Tiktok on YouTube shortsViewage is increasing tremendously. According to YouTube statistics, short videos on YouTube are getting 70 billion views per day worldwide!

YouTube company wants to take this popularity to the next level. That’s why the company is making it as easy as possible to create short or long videos for YouTube. For that, the company has made three big announcements. One of which – the app – has reached us. The company initially for Android users YouTube CreateThis app named (YouTube Create Google LLC)has been launched.

Thus, there is no shortage of online tools and app-based editors to create videos for YouTube. YouTube’s new app also has other apps that offer similar or even more features, Of which we previously TechnoworldWe have talked in The main difference is that now the YouTube company itself has launched such an app.

Currently this free app is available in US besides India, UK, Germany, France, Indonesia, Launched in Korea and Singapore.

The app for iOS is likely to be launched by next year.

Creating professional looking videos can be a bit difficult, Especially for beginners. The YouTube Create app hopes to make this task easier.

This app will have video editing and trimming (i.e. facility to cut the video clip as needed) tools with great precision. Apart from this, the facility of adding automatic caption and voice over to the video will also be available. Along with that, in the app itself, we have different types of filters in the videos,
Can add effects and transitions.

There will also be a royalty free music library. This music Bit matchingIt will be equipped with technology so that the music can be synchronized with the video on the screen. All this is mostly found in professional editing software on the desktop. Which can now be easily used on mobile.

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If you are interested in creating videos for YouTube, you can try your hand at this app. Editing in this app will be easier if you have tried your hand at any other video editing app before, Because the main point is to understand the concept of video editing.

To begin with…

YouTube Create app in your Android phone (YouTube Create Google LLC) Install (Phone must have at least 4 GB RAM, This app is also likely to be available for other devices with less RAM in the future).

After opening the app on the phone, sign in with your YouTube account.

On the home screen of the app ‘+’ Start a new project by clicking the plus icon.

Now photos or videos from the phone’s gallery can be added to your new project (you can also import media from other apps on the device).

We can import multiple images or videos in one project.

To import selected photos or videos into our project ImportClick on the button.

After this we will be able to edit our videos with the help of various editing tools.

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Apart from the YouTube Create app, the YouTube company has announced many different features that will help video creators. Obviously, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a major role in all this in the new era. We will start getting all these features in the coming year.

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Creating videos for YouTube is a whole different process, But the important step before that is to decide the idea for the video. Adding to YouTube Studio AI-Powered InsightsWith the help of the feature, video creators will get suggestions from AI on which topic new videos can be made. Funnily enough, such a suggestion would not be general, Which will be personalized for that channel and based on checking which videos of that channel are being watched more, new video topics will be suggested!

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Background music plays a very important role in YouTube videos. Music can do the work of creating the necessary atmosphere according to the topic of the video in a very powerful way. But for that the music should match that topic. There are unlimited free music clips available on the internet that can be added to videos. YouTube Studio also has such a free and paid music library. Using AI will make this library easier to use. We have to type the type of our video content, Based on that AI will suggest suitable music for the video.

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Now most YouTube creators are not satisfied with creating videos in only one language. If they want to reach a global audience, they have to dub their videos in different languages ​​(not just sub-titles)., audio). This work is not easy. Especially when it comes to dubbing video content professionally. YouTube as a solution AloudAdding a new AI-powered tool called With the help of this dubbing tool, video creators will be able to offer their content in different languages ​​very easily!

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Suppose the holidays coincide, You have gone to Udaipur from Ahmedabad in your car with your family. This way there is no special need for navigation from maps, However, there are some advantages to having Android Auto in Maps navigation on in your phone or car.

Like while traveling you need to find restaurants en route for breakfast or know how far is the nearest petrol pump. All these can be found on the map while navigating to our destination.

In this way…

1. After turning on navigation…

Start navigation in the map on the phone while traveling. Hence, your car will appear moving in the form of an arrow on the map.

Now suppose we have to find all the petrol pumps on the road. For that, see below on the screen, Swipe up the card showing the time and distance.

2. In the card that opens…

While navigation is in progress, swiping up the card showing time and distance opens a screen of various options.

here Search Along RootClick on the option. If you don’t drive yourself and have enough free time and curiosity, other options can be explored!

3. Search for what you want…

On the options screen Search Along RootBy clicking on, Also a screen showing various new options will be seen. As you will see here, Petrol pumps on the route, restaurants, coffee shop, Grocery store, Rest stop, Anything from hotel etc. or anything else can be selected for search.

4. See the essentials on the route!

Suppose on the next screen we selected the petrol pump option. So now we will come to the main screen of navigation and then all the petrol pumps on our route will be visible. At the same time, the distance from our location will also be visible. Try this search on your next trip!

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