Viral Video: A beggar came to buy an Apple iPhone 15 with a bag full of coins

In the viral video, it can be seen that a beggar arrives at an Apple iPhone store with a bag, and is welcomed by the people present there.

A screenshot taken from a viral video

A screenshot taken from a viral video

You have heard many times that a beggar has an expensive house or a beggar is a millionaire. Now another such incident has come up, where a beggar iPhone 15 Going to take. Social Media A video is going viral fast. In this video, a beggar comes with a bag to buy an Apple iPhone and everyone is surprised to see him. The special thing is that he buys an Apple iPhone with coins. After watching this video, people are surprised. People are also sharing their reactions.

Viral VideoIn can be seen a beggar carrying a bag arrives at an Apple iPhone store, where he is welcomed by the people present. After this he takes out the coins from the bag, to which the people are stunned. To fulfill the customer’s requirement, the staff present in the shop count the coins. After this he is given an Apple iPhone. This video has been shared on Instagram. After watching the video, people cannot believe it and some people are even calling it scripted. Also, some people are also praising him.

People gave such a reaction

After this video went viral, people are giving different reactions to it. Some people are calling this video fake. “Don’t underestimate anyone,” one user wrote on the post. Another user wrote, “Even a beggar can buy an Apple iPhone.” At the same time, another user wrote, “He looks like the richest beggar in the world.”

Viral video of Delhi Metro

These days ‘Delhi Metro’ is more in discussion on social media for the strange behavior of some passengers than for its service. From romances to dances, fights and who knows what else, Delhi Metro has seen a lot of things, but these days, a couple has pulled off a stunt in the metro that has people turning a blind eye.

After witnessing dancing, singing and romance every day, no one would have thought that someone would do such a thing in the metro. This video was posted by @ShashikantY10 on microblogging site X. He wrote, “Should Delhi Metro be shut down now? Or is it a great place for entertainment?” While other users also expressed their anger in the comment section. One person wrote that traveling in the metro is no longer a pleasant experience. While another tagged DMRC and wrote sit in metro to see all this.

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