Viral fever cases increase in Vadodara city after break in rains, know what to do to prevent epidemic here Viral fever cases increase in Vadodara city after break in rains, know what to do to prevent epidemic here

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After raining for three consecutive days in Vadodara city, the rain has taken a break. Then there is fear of water-borne and mosquito-borne epidemics in the city. Currently, there is an increase in cases of viral fever in the city. Cases of cold, fever and cough are increasing. Along with this, waterborne diseases are also being observed due to bad water. Along with this, there is a possibility of worsening mosquito-borne disease in the coming time.

13 cases of dengue were reported
The municipality had surveyed 30,217 houses in the work done yesterday. In which fogging was done in 11,567 houses. 21 construction sites A notice was issued to one construction site during the investigation. While 16 schools and hotels have been inspected and notices have been issued. In the work done by the municipality, 55 patients of diarrhea and 571 patients of fever have been found. According to the municipal statistics, 115 samples of dengue were taken. Out of which 13 patients have been dengue positive.

Currently more cases of viral fever
In this regard Dr. Pritesh Shah, an expert of Karelibagh Infectious Diseases Hospital, said that the number of cases of cold, cough and fever is currently increasing as per the seasonal pattern seen every year. Whenever it rains, the puddles fill up with water and because of this, mosquitoes breed. Mosquito borne epidemics are seen. In which cases like malaria are likely to be seen after one week.

Potential for epidemics to worsen
It was further said that waterborne diseases, which are caused by contamination of water lines, show a moderate increase after rains. It may increase after week ten days in cases like typhoid, jaundice. He told about the prevention of this epidemic and what should be done for its prevention.

What precautions should be taken?
Especially I would advise people to drink boiled water. Avoid eating all the outside food items like sharbat and panipuri that are sold. If there is any puddle of water around the house, it should be disposed of. Also, if there is water in the tin bucket on the roof, it should be disposed of. With this, if the number of mosquitoes increases, it can be avoided by using mosquito nets or other mosquito nets. Currently Karelibagh Infectious Disease Hospital has 50 beds. Currently 25 to 30 patients are admitted.

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