VIDEO: Was Aamir Khan drunk? The actor came out of the party with a limp

Updated: Oct 7th, 2023

Navi Mumbai, dt. 7 October 2023, Saturday

After the failure of the film Lal Singh Chadha, Aamir Khan has taken a break from acting. The actor is often seen partying with his family. Meanwhile he is meeting many people and attending parties and events. Meanwhile, one of his videos is going viral on social media. Based on Aamir’s body language in this video, it is being said that he is drunk. In the video, Aamir is seen staggering and users say that he is drunk.

Aamir Khan is seen leaving a restaurant. She gets stunned on the way out and is seen leaning against the door at the sight of the paparazzi. This video is going viral on the internet.

According to users, Aamir Khan is now drunk and ruined. Along with this, some users are saying that he will not be able to make a comeback in films now.

Another user wrote, “Looks like he’s drinking his career away.” Some people are commenting positively on this video of Aamir. One user wrote, “Let Aamir rest. Another wrote, “What if he is drunk. Here 90 percent people like to drink alcohol. Not a bad thing, it’s their choice.

Aamir took a break from acting

On taking a break from Bollywood, the actor said, “I am not doing any work. I have been working continuously for the past several years, so this time I want to spend some time with my family. Pani foundation work is also going on, other work is also going on, so I will come back to acting after a year.

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