Vadodara residents be ready, a convoy of 1500 police personnel and officials will hit the road to collect traffic fines.

Updated: Oct 11th, 2023

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– Although the system is failing to solve the traffic problem in the city, the implementation of paperless and modern system

Vadodara, Dated 11 October 2023, Wednesday

The Vadodara city police will soon deploy 1500 police personnel including officers on the roads to collect fines from drivers who violate traffic rules. However, the system of police and corporation has failed to solve the problem of traffic jam for motorists.

1500 personnel will soon be deployed on the road by the traffic police to collect fines from motorists who violate traffic rules. Photographs will be taken by mobile phones and fines will be collected from the motorists.

The city traffic police, the corporation system are completely failing to solve the problem of traffic jams in the city from time to time. At that time, the traffic police force of 1500 will be deployed on the roads to collect fines from the drivers and the fines will be collected on the spot from the drivers violating the rules. Three different options have been kept for the drivers to pay the fines which are on the spot payment, UPI Online payment will be made through and e-challan will be generated, as soon as the fine is paid, a message will be immediately received on the mobile of the vehicle driver.

  • 2000 from two wheeler drivers without driving license and 3000 for other vehicle drivers.
  • 1500 for two, three wheelers and tractors violating the speed limit, 2000 to 4000 for other vehicles.
  • 1500 from two and three wheeler drivers and three to five thousand for other vehicle drivers for wrong side and red light jump as well as signal violation and dangerous driving.
  • Rs 500 fine for not using safety belt.
  • Hundred rupees fine for three rides.
  • 2000 fine for drivers who have taken insurance.
  • 1000 fine for unnecessary horn blowing.
  • A fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 for driving without registration.
  • A fine of Rs 300 to 500 for fancy number plates and other number plates.
  • Rs.1,000 fine for not giving way to emergency vehicles.
  • 500 rupees fine for driving without helmet and not following parking rules.
  • 5000 fine for overloaded vehicles
  • 5,000 fine for racing on the road.
  • Rs.500 fine for not carrying documents like PUC fitness license certificate RCbook etc.

However, dig lock and documents kept in M ​​transport will be considered valid.

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