Vadodara Pathargate traders cycle market pressure | In Vadodara’s Pathargate, traders were forced to put their bicycles on the footpath, railings will be installed on both sides of the road.

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Pressure of bicycles over half the road

Bicycle Bazar is located on Pathar Gate Road near Bhagatsingh Chowk, Vadodara’s Heartiest Nyaya Mandir. In order to free this road from the pressure of cycles, the municipality has planned to install railings on both sides of the road. In this regard, the local councilors took a decision after visiting the cycle market road. It is worth mentioning that many times the bicycle traders were explained by the municipality, but the traders were running at their discretion.

Arbitrariness of merchants

Trouble for pedestrians too
At the cycle market on Pathar Gate Road near Nyaya Mandir Bhagatsingh Chowk in Vadodara city, traders leave their small and large bicycles on the road in front of the shops for sale. As a result, the cycle comes 5 feet above the road from the edge of the footpath. Placing bicycles on the road makes it difficult for drivers to pass. While vehicle drivers and even pedestrians have to cross the road at the risk of their lives, cycle market traders have been repeatedly persuaded by local councilors and municipal officials not to put bicycles on the road. Attempts have been made to explain by giving notices several times. However, traders were running wild and leaving the footpaths and putting bicycles for sale on the road.

Bicycles on the road

The pressure on the road will be removed
Efforts have also been made by the enforcement wing of the municipality to convince the traders not to pressurize by confiscating the goods. However, the traders were running their own business. Today again BJP councilors of ward number-13 Dharmesh Patni, Jyotibhan Patel along with ward office officials visited cycle market on Pathar gate road. Where they were shocked to see bicycles left on the pavement by traders and placed on the road. Regarding this, during today’s visit, the councilors made all the traders in the bicycle shop and explained to the traders. However, the councilors today decided to put up railings in front of shops on both sides of the road to provide a permanent solution to the pressures from traders in the cycle market.

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