Use nagarvel leaves like this to stop hair fall instantly, it will also be silky

Hair fall problems: One of the most common problems with climate change is hair loss. Women use expensive shampoos and conditioners to get rid of hair fall. But these types of beauty products are high in chemicals and can damage your hair in the long run. So, you will be surprised to know that nagarvel leaves are most beneficial for stopping hair fall and making hair silky. With the leaves of nagarvel, your hair will stop falling and it will be very silky. So know how to use nagarvel leaves.

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How are nagarvel leaves useful?

Nagarvel leaves contain many nutrients like vitamins A, B, B1, B, C, potassium, niacin and riboflavin. These nutrients prevent the growth of bacteria and get rid of the problem of hair fall. Using this leaf relieves hair itchiness and white hair starts turning black.

Make a hair mask from leaves and ghee

Make ghee using nagarvel leaves like this. Find out what is needed to make this mask.

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One spoon of ghee

15 to 20 nagarvel leaves

Use this way

Before using the nagarvel leaves, make a paste of these leaves in a mixer. Then add one spoon of ghee to this paste. Now mix these two things properly. Then apply on hair. Leave this mask on the hair for an hour. Then wash your hair with normal shampoo. You can apply this hair mask once a week. This hair mask is effective in controlling hair fall. This mask is easily made at home. If your hair has become too white, then you apply this mask to your hair, then it turns black naturally.

Nagarvel leaf oil is also beneficial for you in many ways. You have to apply this oil three times a week. This oil removes the roughness of the hair. With this, it becomes silky and stops falling.

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