Turkey is preparing to counter the India-Middle East Corridor Create another trade route with Iraq, Qatar and UAE; 14 lakh crore will be spent

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi receiving Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the G20 Summit in New Delhi on September 9-10.

Frustrated by not being included in the India-Middle East Corridor, Turkey is looking for an alternative to this international trade route. Turkey may announce a new trade route to tackle the corridor. According to the report of the Financial Times, Turkey has discussed this with Iraq, Qatar and the UAE.

The Turkish Corridor will be named the Iraq Development Road Initiative. Through this corridor, goods can be easily moved from Grand Fo Port in Iraq to Turkey. It is estimated to cost 14 lakh crore rupees. This will be a 1200 km long trade route. Its first phase is targeted to be completed by 2028.

Pictured are Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al Sudani (left) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (file)

Experts warned Turkey
On one hand, Turkey is planning to prepare this project, on the other hand, experts are warning about this. Emre Pekar, director of the Eurasia Group think-tank, says Turkey lacks the money to realize the project.

It appears to be dependent on the UAE and Qatar for infrastructure. In order to get money from the Gulf countries, Turkey has to convince them that they will get good returns by investing in this route.

According to Packer, there are also security and stability issues that could threaten the Turkish project. Iraq is plagued by massive corruption, poor infrastructure, weak government, and regular political instability. It is also unclear how Iraq will finance the project.

Iraq is a part of the Middle East plagued by violence and instability. Basra, where the project is dreamed up, was once an ISIS stronghold. The influence of ISIS can still be seen on the youth here. In such a situation, the future of the project that Erdogan is thinking about can also be dangerous.

President Erdoğan said – cannot go from east to west without us
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed his objection to the India-Middle East Corridor and said that no corridor can be built without him. He said that any traffic moving from east to west would have to pass through Turkey.

In fact, the project announced at the G20 summit will span a total of 8 countries, including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, America, France, Germany, Italy and the European Union. The project will also benefit Israel and Jordan. However, Turkey and Egypt are not included in this project.

This corridor will start from Mumbai and reach Europe.
This new corridor starting from Mumbai will be an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This corridor will be 6 thousand kilometers long. It includes a sea route of 3500 km.

After the construction of the corridor, the transportation of goods from India to Europe will save about 40% time. Currently, any cargo from India takes 36 days to reach Germany by shipping, this route will save 14 days. Direct access to Europe will make import-export easier and cheaper for India.

Corridor deal was announced by PM Modi in G-20. Meanwhile, Biden is on Modi’s right, while Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is on his left.

Seven reasons why India joined this project

  • Initially, India and the US worked in the Indo-Pacific region, but for the first time both have become partners in the Middle East.
  • The biggest obstacle to India’s land connectivity with Central Asia has been the alternative to Pakistan. They have been trying to stop this effort since 1991.
  • India’s relations with Iran have improved, but US sanctions are affecting plans for a Russia-Iran corridor from Iran to Eurasia.
  • Partnerships with Arab countries have increased, with the UAE and Saudi governments also making efforts to forge lasting alliances with India.
  • The US hopes that this mega connectivity project will bring political stability to the Arabian Peninsula and normalize relations.
  • The European Union allocated 300 million euros for infrastructure spending during 2021-27. India also became its partner.
  • The new corridor is an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Many countries will get freedom from China’s debt trap. African Union becoming a partner in the G-20 will help counter the growing hegemony of China and Russia in African countries.

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