Truck overturns in rushing water of causeway over Juna Ghuntu Road, driver rescued.

News of Tuesday, 19th September 2023

Morbi: Truck overturns in rushing water of causeway on Juna Ghuntu Road, driver rescued.

The causeway on the old Ghuntu road in Morbi was overflowing due to rain, today a truck overturned in the rushing water of the causeway. As the truck driver passed over the causeway, Cade was swept away by the current and overturned. However, the truck driver was saved.
According to the information received, the causeway in front of the godown of Simpolo Ceramics on Juna Ghuntu Road in Morbi today was overflowing due to rain and water was passing over the causeway and it was dangerous to pass because the causeway was full of water. Today, a truck driver ventured out of the raging waters of the causeway while the road was going over this causeway. But the truck driver had a hard time with the water flow. As soon as the truck driver came out of the causeway water, the truck was pulled into the current and the truck was pulled over by the water. The truck driver escaped from the sinking truck. Motorists have been urged not to exit the causeway as it is dangerous to pass on the causeway during rain.

(10:49 pm IST)

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