This is the most expensive fruit in the world, a car costs 1 kg, know its price

Updated: Oct 14th, 2023

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Tokyo, dt. 14 October 2023 Saturday

People of India think that figs, cashews, almonds and raisins are the most expensive fruits but it is not so. All these fruits cost between 800 rupees to 1500 rupees per kg but there is one fruit which is worth lakhs which means you can buy a luxury car for its price. The special thing is that all these expensive fruits are cultivated only in Japan. Only rich people there can eat this expensive fruit.

Yubari Tati

Among the most expensive fruits in the world is the name of Yubari Teti. It is cultivated only in Japan. This is such an expensive fruit that it is not sold but auctioned. Its one fruit is worth up to 20 lakh rupees. This is a kind of tatty. Its production is said to be very low. This is why it costs more. In the year 2019 auction, a Yubari Tetti was sold for 5 million yen, which means it is worth 33 lakh rupees in Indian rupees.

Very sweet to eat

Because of the high price, ordinary Japanese people cannot buy it. Yubari Teti is consumed only by big traders. It is cultivated only inside the green house. The special thing is that this fruit is cooked under sunlight. Yubari Teti takes about 100 days to mature. It is cultivated in the Yubari region of Japan, hence the name Yubari Teti. It is orange in color inside and very sweet to eat.

The Ruby Roman grape is also very expensive, as is the Yubari Tetti. It is also counted among the most expensive fruits in the world. This is also grown only in Japan. A bunch of this grape is worth lakhs. This grape is four times larger than the Indian grape. According to the report, one piece of ruby ​​roman grapes weighs around 30 grams, if you want to buy 25 premium class ruby ​​roman grapes, you have to spend more than 6 lakh rupees.

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