This is called luck, six and a half crore flats were sold for just 100 rupees!

New Delhi: Everyone wants to build their dream home at their favorite place. Now the issue is whether this house stays in your budget or not. Owning a home remains a dream for many due to inflation and other reasons, but who would spend their entire life paying loan installments if someone is giving you a home for just Rs 100? Everyone wants to buy such a house.

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According to a Daily Express report, this miracle is happening in Britain and here luxury houses worth Rs 6.6 crore have been sold for just Rs 100. This has been done for affordable housing. The government has taken this step here in Lewis Town. A total of 11 flats have been sold here to the Community Land Trust and now the trust proposes to refurbish the property at a cost of £1 million.

Due to this, the flats were sold cheaply

Lewes deputy council leader David Harris has said the flats have not been sold on the open market because doing so would breach the city’s affordable housing provisions. Houses in Louie are available for rent and lease. Even after renovation of cheaply purchased houses under the re-development scheme, it will be ensured that they are used only for affordable housing. Most of the homes sold are vacation rentals.

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Most homes are holiday homes

Most properties in Cornwall are classed as second homes. More than 13 thousand properties here are meant as second homes, whose owners live separately but only come here for holidays. Renovating it in the year 2021 itself is said to be a loss-making deal, which is why these flats are being sold at low prices to avoid further maintenance.

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