These countries will have the most Hindus by 2050, know how much will be the population in India?

Almost all countries of the world are witnessing rapid changes in religious population. The American think tank Pew Research Center has conducted a study on this. The results are quite shocking. Pew Research Center conducted this research in 2015. The study found that the world’s religious population could undergo rapid and major changes over the next four decades. Along with Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and many other religions were also included in the field of research. The research sought to understand which countries could have the largest religious population in the next 40 years.

A Pew Research Center study found that in 2050, the population of people following Hinduism will reach 15 percent of the global population. At the same time, the largest population in India will be people following Hinduism as it is now. According to the study, the population of Hindus in India may reach 1.297 billion by 2050. Currently, Hinduism has the largest number of followers in the country, accounting for more than 79 percent of the total population. In terms of Hindu population, Nepal is second only to India, where the Hindu population will be 3.812 crore.

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Nepal and Bangladesh also have large Hindu populations

In Nepal’s 2011 census, about 81.3 percent of Nepalis identified themselves as Hindus. Before 2006, this country was a Hindu nation. After that Nepal declared itself a secular nation. However, now amid the political and economic crisis, the news of conversion in Nepal has started coming in large numbers. Bangladesh will be the third largest Hindu population country in the world. The 2011 census figures in Bangladesh show that Hinduism is the number one minority community, accounting for about 8.96 percent of the population. Currently, Bangladesh is the third largest Hindu nation in the world in terms of population, after India and Nepal.

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America will be the fifth country in terms of Hindu population

There are about 56.3 lakh Hindus in Pakistan. Hence, Pakistan has the fourth largest Hindu population. However, the condition of the minority community Hindus in Pakistan is very bad. The news of forced religious conversion from Pakistan also continues to come to the world. In such a situation, it is not possible to say what will be the condition of Hindus in Pakistan in future. According to the study, America may be the fifth most populous country. According to the Pew Research Center, in the year 2050, there will be 4.78 million Hindus in America. The Pew Research Center calculated this average under the ‘Religious Landscape Study’, when the Hindu population of America reached 22.3 lakh in the year 2015.

The number of Christians will be less, the Muslim population will increase

Indonesia may come in sixth place after America. According to the study, the population of Hindus in Indonesia may increase to 41.5 lakh in the next 27 years. Currently, Indonesia is a Muslim majority country. Here the population of all other religions including Hindus is in minority. After this, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Britain and Canada may have higher Hindu population. However, it is estimated to be between 40 lakhs and 10 lakhs. Many things are emerging from the new demographic trends. For example, in the next few decades, the population following Christianity will decrease, while the Muslim population will increase rapidly. In such a situation, for the first time in the world, Christianity and Islam will stand on almost equal footing.

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