These 7 problems are felt in the body before heart failure, if understood in time, life can be saved

Heart Failure Symptoms: The incidence of heart related problems and heart attacks among the youth has been on the rise for some time now. Many young people have lost their lives due to heart attack. Health experts say that problems like excess weight, diabetes, lack of sleep, cholesterol, high blood pressure are increasing the number of heart attacks. Heart failure becomes a serious problem in young people. In which the heart suddenly stops working due to which the condition can prove fatal.



But if someone can recognize the symptoms of a heart attack in time, life can be saved. Health experts say that some signs are seen in the body before heart failure, if these signs are understood, heart failure can be avoided.

Signs seen before the heart stops

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Increased heart rate

Before a heart attack, the heart begins to beat loudly. That is, the heart rate suddenly increases. Never ignore this condition. Start treatment as soon as there is time.

Breathing problem

Breathing problems precede heart failure. When the heart does not work well in the body, a person starts having breathing problems.


When the heart starts to stop, there is sudden coughing and panic attacks. Sometimes white or red phlegm also comes out in cough.

Feeling like vomiting

A feeling of vomiting before the heart stops. In this condition, you do not feel hungry, if you experience this, contact the doctor immediately.

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Inflammation in the body

If the body suddenly starts swelling or the body feels heavy, then understand that there is a problem in the heart. Leg swelling usually occurs before heart failure.

Brain fog

When the heart starts to stop, the blood circulation stops, due to which blood does not reach the brain, in such a state, it feels like a hallucination.

feeling tired

When the heart is unable to pump blood, there is a sudden feeling of weakness in the arms and legs. Sometimes even going up and down stairs feels tiring. Even in such a situation, it should be done regularly and the doctor should be contacted.

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