These 3 Herbs Amrit for 6.2 Crore Diabetics, Keeps Blood Sugar in Control

DIABETES CONTROL: If you are tired of taking diabetes pills then you should make these herbs your friend now. Diabetes is an incurable disease. India is considered the capital of diabetes because it has the highest number of people suffering from diabetes, so you know the causes and home remedies for diabetes.



Reasons for increasing diabetes in India-
Its cases are increasing rapidly in India. Many reasons are believed to be responsible for this, including genetic, environmental and lifestyle changes.

Home Remedies for Diabetes-
You can try some home remedies to control or prevent diabetes. There are some herbs whose drinks can help control sugar levels.

Fenugreek seed water-
Fenugreek contains soluble fibers, including glucomannan fiber, which delays the absorption of glucose. If you are diabetic then you should drink fenugreek water regularly.

Giloy water-
One of the alkaloid compounds in giloy is berberine. It lowers blood sugar levels. Berberine works similarly to the diabetes drug metformin.

cinnamon tea-
Cinnamon increases glycogen storage by affecting glycogen synthesis activity. Its components act as insulin to maintain blood sugar levels.

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