The war began to take its toll on India: massive losses

News of Wednesday, 11th October 2023

The war began to take its toll on India: massive losses

Israel-Hamas War Hits Industries: Many Don’t Get Goods: Exports Can’t Be Received New Orders Stopped: Jobs Clouded

New delhi date. 11: The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas is affecting industries in Gurugram. segment here, Goods are supplied from food and handicraft industries. Due to the cancellation of flights, the concern of entrepreneurs has increased about sending goods worth crores. If the war in Israel continues like this, the industries of the district will have to suffer huge losses. It will also stop many new orders. If the war continues for a long time, the employment of thousands of people working in these sectors will also be threatened.

There are 12 thousand industries in Gurugram district. After automobile there are two and a half thousand garment industry. Apart from this, there are two hundred food and handicraft industries. Israel is supplied with goods from these three industries. Here goods are prepared and shipped on order, But the ongoing war in Israel for several days has increased the difficulties of entrepreneurs.

The flight from Delhi to Israel was cancelled. Due to this entrepreneurs will not be able to send finished goods. The turnover here is more than 250 crore rupees every year. Sanjay Sanyal, a garment entrepreneur from Udyog Vihar, said that the ongoing war in Israel would stop receiving new orders from there. Besides, We will not be able to ship finished goods.

Garment entrepreneur Satish Chand of Manesar said that four percent of garment entrepreneurs supply goods to Israel from here. This supply will be cut off due to war. Due to which the businessmen will have to suffer losses during the festive season. Industries will not be able to send finished goods either. The food industry will be the most affected. Because it cannot keep the finished goods for a long time. Garment industry itself Rs. 100 crore turnover. All these closures will have an impact on industries.

Deepak Mouni, president of Progressive Federation of Trade and Industry, said that due to the ongoing war in Israel, segment export business is happening here on a large scale. Apart from this, food items and handicrafts are being exported. Now the state of war will have a direct impact on all of these. At the same time, Entrepreneurs who have invested their money in that country will suffer direct losses. Which will also have an impact on the economic condition of entrepreneurs.

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