The story of this brave woman of Israel went viral, killing 25 terrorists of Hamas.

This Israeli woman turned a kibbutz into an impenetrable fortress.

Israeli women do not back down from combat either

Updated: Oct 11th, 2023

Tel Aviv, October 11, 2023, Wednesday

A lot of casualties have been caused by Hamas’s hiccup attack on Israel last week. More than 1,200 Israeli civilians were killed, including more than 100 Israeli Defense Force personnel. Israel has not seen such a tragedy at home since its founding. The people of Israel are mighty and know how to wield weapons. A woman named Inbar Lieberman has proved that even Israeli women do not back down from fighting.

People are praising Lieberman’s feat on social media. This 25-year-old woman faced Hamas terrorists. Suspecting that Israel had been attacked, Lieberman prepared a group of villagers. 25 Hamas terrorists were killed near a settlement called Kibbutz. Out of which 5 terrorists were hit by the bullets of this single woman. If this woman had not taken the precaution and faced the terrorists of Hamas, the terrorists would have destroyed the kibbutz, which is considered a collective settlement of Israel.

Anable Lieberman was working as a security coordinator at Kibbutz Niram in December 2022. On Saturday, he alerted everyone as soon as he heard the blast. It was her experience that the sound of the blast was completely different from the sound of a routine rocket. The strategic location where the woman was serving was near Sderot and not far from the Gaza Strip area.

Lieberman was vigilant and brought weapons from the armory. His team of 12 members were given guns in hand. Lieberman positioned his team at a strategic location in the kibbutz. The team saw the opportunity and started raining bullets on the terrorists of Hamas, but the attack of the terrorists failed and they were successful in capturing some of them alive. Lieberman turned the Niram kibbutz into an impenetrable fortress, otherwise the lives of thousands of people living in the kibbutz settlement would have been endangered. The story of this Israeli woman’s heroism will be remembered for years.

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