The stones crushed my baby girl’s head 8-year-old girl suddenly goes missing while playing on street in Rajkot, family searches all night; A dead body was found in the bushes

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The dead body of an 8-year-old girl, who went missing yesterday from Lakshminagar area of ​​Rajkot, has been found stoned to death. The murdered body of a girl child has been found in a bushy area near the Bhaktinagar railway station in the city. After informing about the whole incident to the higher officials of the police, various teams rushed to the spot and started investigation. According to the information, it has been revealed that the girl was killed by pelting stones. However, in the CCTV footage, a young girl is seen walking with a young man. As the number of foreigners around this area is high, suspecting that the youth is a foreigner, the police have picked up the suspects and started questioning the suspects.

The police started running when they came to know that there was a dead body

What was the whole incident
An 8-year-old girl was playing from Laxminagar street number 2 last night around 8.30 pm and suddenly went missing. Along with this, the family informed the Malvianagar police about the incident and the police registered a complaint of kidnapping and conducted an investigation. Meanwhile, the police received information about the dead body of a girl among the thickets near Bhaktinagar station. Then the police went to the spot and informed the father of the missing girl. The father saw the girl’s body and said that it was his daughter’s.

Father of the missing girl

A deserted railway station
The local police rushed to the spot along with senior police officials after finding the dead body of the girl child. The police have conducted further investigation with the help of dog squad and FSL at the scene of the incident. It is worth mentioning that the Bhaktinagar railway station area is just two streets away from the Lakshminagar area where the girl was playing and there is a deserted place of the railway, where the dead body was found among the bushes and the police have conducted investigations in different directions.

The police went to the spot and conducted a thorough investigation

Execution by beheading
Sudhirkumar Desai, DCP Zone 2 of Rajkot city, said that a complaint of a missing girl was received yesterday. After this, the father of the girl whose body was found near Bhaktinagar railway station was called today and the identity of the body was obtained. The body found today is that of an 8-year-old girl who went missing yesterday and her head was crushed to death, a case of murder has been registered and a forensic post-mortem has been conducted and further investigation has been initiated with the help of FSL and dog squad.

The dead body was found in the thicket

There is also a possibility of rape
After the kidnapping that took place at the time of last night, the possibility that the girl was raped today cannot be ruled out, so the police will take the CCTV footage of the surrounding area as well as the forensic postmortem of the body and register a complaint and take further action.

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