The reason we are poor is not because of the ritual

– Vedana-Samvedana- Mrigesh Vaishnava

– All success begins with the will power to complete the task. Just as slow heat does not cook grain, weak will never leads to great success. A strong ambition is essential for success.

Two ta s.b. The reason we are poor is not because nature plays cruel jokes on us or because there are articles written by Vidhata. But we are poor because your father never wanted to be rich.

Yes…till today our fathers and grandfathers never thought of getting rich.

‘Our poverty is not God’s will but we have never wished to be rich.’ S.B. In Fuller’s young mind, these words of the mother went deep and deep. SB was the seventh child of a Negro farm labourer. The mother wanted to raise this son differently. She used to tell her dreams to her son since childhood.

Mother’s sentences radically changed Fuller’s thinking. He focused his mind on what he wanted and took his mind off what he didn’t want. A strong ambition to become rich arose in his heart.

He decided to sell something to make quick money. For this he sold detergent soap door to door for twelve years. Through hard work, determination and commitment to work, honesty, discipline and saving pennies, he saved twenty-five thousand dollars in twelve years.

He came to know that the company from which he used to buy detergent soap was sold for 1 lakh 50 thousand dollars. Fuller accepted the challenge. Deposited 25 thousand dollars as deposit. The remaining money was to be deposited within ten days or the deposit was liable to be forfeited.

SB Fuller met different traders. 1 lakh 15 thousand dollars were collected, ten thousand dollars were still left. It was last night, work was hard. But a strong will was a positive mental attitude. He got this amount by guaranteeing profit to the little known businessman.

SB Fuller says, ‘If you know what you want, you can identify it very easily. Can turn daydreams into reality.’

Remember, if your goal is not against the laws of nature, then try. You have nothing to lose by trying. People who strive with a positive attitude are bound to succeed.

Motivation to achieve success comes from a strong will to achieve a goal.

Napoleon Hill has said. ‘What a man can think and believe in and live by.’

Socrates asked a young man the secret of success.

Socrates said to the young man ‘Meet me tomorrow morning by the river, I will explain the secret of success.’

The next day, both of them met at the river bank. Socrates asked the young man to walk with him in the river.

As the water came up to the young man’s neck, Socrates suddenly grabbed the young man’s head and plunged him into the water. The boy scrambled to get out. Socrates did not let go of the boy until he turned brown.

Only then did Socrates bring his head above water and take the first deep breath.

Socrates asked, ‘When your head was underwater, what did you want most?’

The young man replied, ‘Air’ said Socrates. This is the secret to success. The desire to succeed is so strong and deep that a drowning person needs air. Then you will need success. This is an important secret to success.

All success begins with a strong will to finish. Just as slow heat does not cook grain, a weak will never achieves great success.

The question here is that if you have a strong ambition but you are a victim of some physical impairment, then how can you fulfill that ambition?

How can one achieve achievement with congenital deformities of hands or feet by just having a positive mental attitude?

Tom Dempsey had half his right leg and only a stub of his right arm. He had a strong desire to play football.

Due to his wish, his parents made him an artificial leg. The wooden artificial leg was fitted into a football boot. Day by day Tom learned to kick the football effectively with the wooden leg. He became so good at kicking the football that he was selected to play for the New Orleans team.

And the day came when Tom Dumpsey kicked a record-breaking 63-yard field goal to win the game in front of 66,910 football fans.

Tom Dempsey’s success teaches young people the following.

1. People who have a strong ambition to achieve high goals achieve success.

2. People who strive and continue to strive with a positive attitude achieve success.

3. To reach the peak of success in any activity, it is necessary to practice practice and practice.

4. Hard work and hard work becomes fun when you set a definite desired goal.

5. In the midst of all hardships there is the possibility of equal or additional gain that is motivated by a positive attitude.

6. The greatest strength of man is the strength of prayer.

If we read the true stories of people who have gone ahead in life despite severe physical disabilities, we will find that the strong will to succeed has been the driving force behind them. His life had a specific goal. Those people wanted to prove that despite any kind of difficult situation they can do something and they have really done something.

Due to sheer will power, polio-stricken Wima Rudolph became the fastest athlete at the 1960 Olympics and won three gold medals.

According to Glenn Kanigadhan, a boy with burnt legs set a world record for running a mile through sheer willpower.

A five-year-old polio-stricken girl took up swimming to regain the strength of her legs, and the desire to reach the distance she would succeed led her to set records by winning gold medals in three separate events at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Her name was Shelly Mann.

When people become aimless and directionless. He does not see the opportunity that is standing in front of him. They turn opportunity into disaster.

When one has the desire to achieve something, the direction to reach one’s goal, the determination to stick to a specific focus, the discipline required for hard work, the rest becomes easy. But if you don’t have this quality, all your skills prove useless.


When history is written, it should also be written that some stubborn people were born in this country who, in their stubbornness to reach the heights of the sky, finally found themselves in the soil, but before they died, those people left their footprints. Just this stubbornness is the basic reason for success.

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