The number of bets on India-Pakistan match crossed seven thousand crores

Bookies cashed in on the roller coaster pattern

Speculators lose money based on Pakistan’s 157 run match projection and Rohit Sharma’s century: Sessions also saw massive bookings

Updated: Oct 15th, 2023


With India’s glorious victory in the India Pakistan match, this match proved to be a milestone for the bookies. Because in this match, the bettors had staked an amount of seven thousand crores. However, the bookies trended the betting like a roller coaster in the match. Especially, until Pakistan scored 157 for three wickets, the bookies had booked a huge amount of bets based on the estimation of Pakistan’s total runs. However, the money of the bettors was washed away as the Pakistan team was bowled out for 191 runs. While the second biggest bet was placed on Rohit Sharma’s century. In which he dealt another blow to the punters who did not score a century. thus, This match proved to be the biggest cash earner for the bookies.

India Pakistan match was becoming important not only for cricket fans but also for bookies. In which till now the biggest betting of any match was played more than seven thousand crore rupees. The bookies earned the most money ever in this match. So speculators lost billions of rupees from sessions to run projections. This betting is not only in Gujarat or India, Dubai,
Thailand, Indonesia, America, Bettors from Canada and the UK played. In which the Bhabhar Disa line proved to be important in Gujarat. According to an estimate, more than two thousand crores worth of bets were booked from Bhabhar Disa line itself. While a bet of one thousand crores from Mumbai line and three thousand crores from Dubai was played.

However, bookmakers benefited from a roller coaster pattern in the match. A bookie said that when Pakistan had one wicket for 78 runs. At that time, the prediction of Pakistan’s total score in the match reached the top of the betting market. In which Pakistan’s score was estimated from 280 runs to 300 runs. In this slot, big bettors bet a lot of money. There were also three wickets for 157 runs when the projection rate crossed 300. thus,
From Pakistan’s 78 runs to 157 runs, the bookies had booked a bet of two and a half thousand crores. This became a golden slot for the bookies after which the streak of wickets started. Later, when India’s innings started, Virat Kohli’s innings opened on 50 runs. In which speculators were hit. However, after Rohit Sharma stayed on the pitch after his 50 runs, the bookies again opened prices on a century for 30 minutes. In which speculators bet crores on Rohit Sharma’s century. However, this deal was becoming profitable for the bookies as he scored 85 runs. Generally when betting over,
Six, Betting on catches and sessions is trending. But,
Because of Pakistan’s low score, punters placed less money in sessions in one-sided matches. thus,For these bettors, the World Cup final was becoming more important than the match and was becoming the biggest earner.

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