The investigation of the scam of dabba trading caught in Anandnagar was handed over to Cybercrime

Officials of the State Monitoring Cell conducted the raid

Police found financial transactions worth crores of rupees: Unja and Disa’s bookie names came out, Dubai connection also came out.

Updated: Sep 22nd, 2023


Three months ago, the staff of the State Monitoring Cell raided a complex named Prahladnagar Trade Center in Anandnagar and busted a multi-crore tedig and cricket betting racket and arrested three people. In the investigation of this case, the names of the notorious bookies of Unjha and Disa were also revealed and illegal accounts worth crores of rupees were also found. The DGP has now handed over the investigation of the case to Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime. A special team will investigate the entire matter.On July 18 last night, the officers of the State Monitoring Cell raided the PNTC building in Anandnagar. In which it was found that illegal trades worth crores were being done on the basis of ID password in Aerobics server with the help of MetaTrader-2 application for bin trading. Police found IDs of 11 clients trading bins. In which 3.72 crores were deposited. In which crores of rupees were transacted. In addition, Kickrate betting scam was also discovered. In the case in which the police Jignesh Soni (res. Tirthbhumi Bungalows,
rotate) , Kathan Patel (Res. Bhagwati Krupa Apartment,
Bhopal) and Harshal Soni (Rest. Saffroni Apartment, Bhopal) was arrested. Ajit Khatri in police questioning about bin trading, The names of Raj Patel and Haresh Gharasedia were known. While cricket betting master ID Unzana got from Tommy and Jigar Disa. An Angadia firm located in Chinubhai Tower on Ashram Road was being used for illegal money laundering. The State Monitoring Cell was investigating the case. However, the investigation of this case has been handed over to Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime with the help of DGP Vikas Sahay. For which a team will be formed and investigation will be started.

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