The Hidden Dangers of Keeping Money in Your Mobile Phone Cover: Viral Video Exposes Risks

Money in Your Mobile Phone Cover: In a viral video, it has been claimed that keeping notes in your mobile phone cover can cause your mobile to explode.

Symbolic image of mobile

Symbolic image of mobile

Money in Your Mobile Phone Cover: In today’s time mobile is something that has become very necessary for everyone. Mobile has become a necessary part of their life for everyone be it a child or an old person. When people leave home to go anywhere, mobiles are definitely in their hands. Even though people once forget to carry money or other things or luggage, but no one forgets to carry mobile. Perhaps this is the reason why people often keep small amounts of cash in the mobile cover itself. So that if sometimes he forgets his wallet, keep it in the cover moneycan run their own work. But, do you know how dangerous keeping notes in mobile covers can be? If you don’t know then you must watch this video too…

Money in Your Mobile Phone Cover: One on Social Media The video went viral Happening, in which it is explained in detail how dangerous it can be to keep notes behind the mobile cover? And why we should not keep note in mobile cover. A viral video has claimed that keeping a note in a mobile cover can make your mobile explode. You must be thinking about how putting a note in a mobile cover can cause a blast. Because there is nothing like current in notes.

Money in Your Mobile Phone Cover: In this video it is said that when the processor of the mobile phone is doing its work at full speed, the phone heats up and generates heat. Due to this heat, the note placed in the mobile cover can also catch fire. This is due to the fact that apart from paper, many types of chemicals are used to make notes, and these same chemicals pose a risk of fire. If you also keep notes in mobile cover, be careful and make sure that you don’t make such a mistake.

There is hardly any person who needs to look at the mobile phone every now and then. indeed. You say that there will be only one person in a thousand who has to do this work. It may have to be done socially and it may have to be done financially, but everyone else has to do it on a mental level and this mental level only proves that you are now strongly moving towards mobile-addiction. And you are starting to become a mobile-maniac. A friend and well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Mukul Choksi says that if you have such a habit, get better very quickly. Otherwise, it will happen that one day you will manage without mobile and if you don’t let that happen, try to reduce the habit of mobile from your life in this time. It can still be understood if you have that kind of profession, but further said, barely one person in a thousand has such a profession. Everyone else is on the road to mobile-addiction.

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