The Foreign Minister of Russia said – a direct war is going on with America-Britain Russia said at the UN – they annexed Ukraine; Cheated us in the matter of grain deal

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addressed the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addressed the UN General Assembly on Saturday. Meanwhile, he attacked the western countries. Lavrov said – America, Britain and many other countries are currently engaged in a direct war against Russia. We can call it hybrid war, but this is not true. Western countries are busy fighting with us by making Ukraine a pawn.

Lavrov said – America and other groups working with it are constantly promoting war. They are trying to run the whole world based on the rules they have made for their own benefit. He also accused Western countries of cheating. Lavrov also called the Western countries an empire of lies.

Ukrainian President Zelensky addresses member states on the war at the UN General Assembly. He presented his peace plan to the UNSC.

There is nothing in the peace agreement that Ukraine will not join NATO
After addressing the UNGA, the Russian Foreign Minister also addressed the media. Meanwhile, he rejected Ukraine’s peace plan. Lavrov said – this proposal cannot be implemented. This is not possible. This is against two of Moscow’s most important issues. There is no mention of ceding Ukrainian territory to Russia or Ukraine joining NATO.

Apart from this, Sergei Lavrov also rejected the suggestion that Russia would re-implement the Black Sea Grain Deal. He said – The main reason for our withdrawal from this agreement is that all the promises made to us were frauds. Western countries promised that sanctions on Russian banks would be lifted, but this did not happen.

Food crisis in many countries caused by Western countries
The Russian foreign minister also blamed Western countries for the crisis in food and energy markets. He said they impose unilateral sanctions on weak countries. Earlier, Ukraine said in its address that this war is not only for Ukraine but for the whole world.

Zelensky said – Russia is a terrorist, weaponizing children
For this all countries have to fight against Russia together. Russia is pushing the whole world towards the last war. We are trying our best to ensure that no country in the world can attack anyone after this war with Russia.

Zelensky said – after the Cold War, it was Russia, not Ukraine, that needed to get rid of its nuclear weapons. Terrorists like him should have no right to possess nuclear weapons. Russia has used food, energy and even children as weapons in its war against Ukraine. President of Ukraine said – when hate against a nation is weaponized, it never stops.

Black Sea Grain Deal what was

  • Ukraine is one of the top countries in the world in terms of food supply. His grain ships passing through the Black Sea were vulnerable to Russian attack. Hence, they stopped the supply and this weakened the chain and the supply. In many European and African countries, people were in danger of starvation.
  • Efforts by Turkey and the UN led to a deal in July last year. This determined that both Russia and Ukraine would not attack each other’s cargo ships.
  • In addition, UN officials will inspect each ship to ensure that it is not being used to carry weapons. The deal expired on July 17 and Russia refused to renew it. That means it can now also target ships carrying grain.

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