Suddenly 1000 people started barking like dogs at the station! The video went viral

Trending News: You must have heard many strange things till date, but what happens when around 1 thousand people gather in one place and suddenly start doing strange things? Yes, something similar has happened in Berlin, the capital of Germany. In fact, about 1 thousand people gathered at Potsdamer Platz railway station in Germany and then they started acting like dogs and started barking. Not only this, they were seen talking to each other only by barking. People present at the place were surprised to see this scene. Now the video of this incident is going viral on social media and people are asking the reason.



When people started barking like dogs-
Let us tell you that after watching the video of this incident in Berlin, it seems that these people have got the spirit of a dog. Then he started behaving like a dog and started barking. Please note that at the time of the incident, these people were wearing dog masks on their faces. Whoever saw these people behaving like dogs, the ground slipped from under his feet.

Because they act like dogs?
Now everyone is asking why these people did such a thing? According to a report in the Daily Mail, these people say that they do not feel like humans. They look like their own dogs. These people who looked like dogs had made such a big gathering to meet at the station.

When Man Became a Dog-
It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, a similar case was also reported from Japan. In fact, a person named Toko became a dog after spending millions of rupees. He also stated that he likes life as a dog. It was his dream to become a dog and he fulfilled it. Toko made a special outfit for this and was seen doing dog-like actions while wearing it.

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