Serial Novel Star Wars Glamor World S Mafia Crime Game Chapter 50 By Aashu Patel

‘Sir, Shahnawaz is not in his vanity van and not on the whole set. No one there even knew when he disappeared.’

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‘Sir, Shahnawaz is not in his vanity van and not on the whole set. No one there even knew when he disappeared.’
Angre was telling Waghmare on the phone in a loud and strained voice. He was tensed lest some junior policeman accompanying him might inform Waghmare sir that he had stopped at a place for ‘collection’ and tea-water in between, thus making him late to reach the sets of Shahnawaz’s film!
‘What?’ Waghmare was shocked.
‘Yes, sir. He’s not here.’ Angre was shaking and pressing a little
said the voice.
With that, Waghmare’s anger rose like a suppressed spring. He said, ‘Your people cannot do a job equally! You people have no idea how much pressure there is from above!’
Commissioner Salim Sheikh was under pressure on Waghmare and Chief Minister Haribhau was under pressure on the commissioner. The pressure of Prithvi’s father Pratapraj was increasing on Haribhau.
‘Sorry sir.’
Angre spoke fearfully.
‘What sorry? You guys just want to say sorry and get away. I have to answer.’ The tiger’s voice grew louder.
‘Earth, I am pregnant. I just found out…’
In Prithviraj’s bedroom, Sophia was saying loudly. He had no idea that Prithvi was in bed with Payal not too long ago!
‘Wow! Great news!’ Prithvi said.
‘Great news! Great news for you
feel? I’m so stressed and you…’ Sophia’s voice broke.
‘Yes, so what is there to stress about! Even so, we are going to get married in a short time. If so, let’s get married in a few days.’ Prithviraj said what Sophia said as if it was very natural and normal.
‘Hey, but what about my career?’
There was shock in Sophia’s voice.
‘Yes, after giving birth to a child, start acting again after some time. What a big deal! And even now, many actresses get married, have children and go back to work.’ Prithviraj said coldly.
‘Earth, you know what you’re talking about! I still want to enjoy life. And what is my age? I don’t want to be a mother at this age. And what does it mean if I give birth to a child within a few months of our marriage?’ A stunned Sophia asked.
Its simple meaning is that we had physical relations and you got pregnant before marriage! Come on! People believe what they want to believe! Don’t care too much about people! Even so, everyone knows what kind of relationship we have…’
Stopping him in the middle, Sophia spoke in an agitated voice, ‘Earth, what do you understand me to be? My feelings, my career have no value in your mind. Am I just an object for you to use as you please?’
Sophia’s voice was now mixed with indignation.
‘Sophia, let’s talk about this calmly later. Don’t spoil my brain right now. Now I have to get to the Marriott to meet a Hollywood director.’ Prithviraj was also a little taken aback. He stood up and hurried out of the bedroom to the living room door.
‘You, @`#@`$%!’ Sophia lost her temper.
She screamed and rushed into the living room behind Prithvi and threw her mobile phone on Prithvi’s head!
Sofia raised her hand to drop the mobile phone just as Prithvi’s manager Seema entered the living room. He shouted: ‘Sophia, what are you doing!’
Earth shone and back
turned to
Seema shouted to warn him, ‘Earth, be careful!’
As Prithvi suddenly turned back, he dodged the blow of Sophia’s mobile phone, but the phone hit Seema’s forehead as she ran near him.
Seema sat down after eating copper!
‘Sir, Shahnawaz can do anything like a maddened elephant. If he can kill Vijay Sinha, Rashmi can be killed too. Rashmi’s life is in danger. Not because Rashmi is my friend, but if there was any journalist in her place, I would have thought the same way…’
Rashmin was telling Waghmare.
When Waghmar went to say something, he got a call from Commissioner Sheikh on his mobile phone, so he had to receive the call and looking at Rashmin, he just raised his thumb and started talking to Commissioner Sheikh.
Waghmare raised his right thumb, which Rashmin interpreted as giving him the green signal to do anything.
He quickly stepped out of Waghmare’s cabin.
Waghmare wanted to stop him, but nothing could be more important to a junior officer when the Commissioner had a call and now that Sheikh was fuming, all his attention was focused on talking to Sheikh.
Waghmare had no idea that Rashmin would walk away as soon as he raised his thumb. He raised his hand to stop Rashmin, but in the meantime Rashmin had already walked away!
‘Find Shahnawaz by all means. If Shahnawaz is out, others will commit crimes and given the way he has made enemies, there is a big danger to himself too.’
The bewildered Sheikh was saying to Waghmare.
The chartered flight in which Shahnawaz was sitting to leave for Saudi Arabia was rushing down the runway for take off while the commissioner was pushing Sheikh Waghmare!
As the plane took off, Shahnawaz burst out laughing and then told his personal assistant Roshan, who was sitting next to him, ‘Your idea of ​​leaving with them in their car in a burqa, pretending I’ve come to meet the fans, was brilliant!’
You quickly reached outside the headquarters of ‘Sahi News’ channel with four or five of our men. just now. I am giving you further instructions over the phone.’
Rashmin was instructing Sub Inspector Vaze. He took a quick decision and started the action.
He quickly took the three juniors along and left in his private Fortuner to head to Rashmi’s office. As he was leaving the office, Vaishali Salgaonkar, working as an Assistant Sub Inspector in his unit, entered the door. Seeing him, a thought flashed in Rashmin’s mind.
He said, ‘Vaisali, come with me. come on Quick. If you want to freshen up, be quick. You have only a minute and a half and listen…’
“Deploy two armed policemen at the gate of ‘Sahi News’ channel headquarters and two constables outside Rashmi Mathur’s cabin, now…”
Rashmin was telling his police officer friend. As the Fortuner sped into motion, he started making calls from the mobile phone and giving out frantic orders and instructions.
‘Ugale, drive away.’ Rashmin urged the constable driving the Fortuner.
Ugale was driving the Fortuner as fast as he could amidst the traffic, but when Rashmin told him, he pressed his foot on the accelerator and increased the speed.
Meanwhile, Rashmin called sub-inspector Tarun Koyal and said, ‘Koyal, take a few men and reach outside Rashmi Mathur’s society right now. I am sending you the location and address. Rashmi may also be killed after Vijay Sinha. Rashmi has to be saved at any cost…’
‘Rashmi, we have to take a risk. I will reach your office shortly. After that your car will come out…’
Rashmin was instructing Rashmin on the phone.
‘By the way, I’ll be standing outside one of the doors of the ‘Sahi News’ channel headquarters. You stand outside the other door and when Rashmi’s car comes out, our Vaishali, wearing Rashmi’s dress, with Rashmi’s tie, will be sitting in the back seat. Vaishali might be wearing a bulletproof jacket. Under no circumstances should anything happen to Vaishali. If anything happens to him, Waghmare sir and CP sir will shoot me! The way the shooters got out of Vijay Sinha’s car and killed him by stopping his car can happen to Rashmi as well. So Vaishali must be sitting in her car as a precaution…’
Vaze asked something from the front, so Rashmin was stunned. He said, ‘Yes, I have already summoned the CCTV footage of the place where Vijay Sinha was killed, but there is no time to watch that footage and it is of no use! The shooters are not so stupid that they come with the same motorcycle and in the same clothes and in the same getup to kill Rashmi! The police have been alerted because of Vijay Sinha’s murder, so the *&%$#@ shooters must be smart.’
‘But…’ Vaz went to say something, but Rashmin stopped him in the middle and said: ‘Listen to what I have to say first! A team will stand at one door of the ‘Sahi News’ channel, which I will lead. One team will be at the other door, led by you, and one team will be outside Rashmi’s house, led by Koyal. Most of the time, when Rashmi’s car comes out, the shooters will recognize the car and go near it and try to kill Rashmi by creating an obstacle. Shooters will often come on bikes, as it is easier for them to escape. There will be no possibility that those shooters will escape or survive, but if those shooters escape, they will chase Rashmi’s car. So at that time they have to be chased and they have to be intercepted on the way. And maybe if they don’t show smartness and come out of ‘Sahi News’ headquarters and reach out directly to Rashmi Society, the team there will be there. And send another team there too for backup.’
Rashmin had made a solid plan. He had considered all the possibilities. However, he had no idea that Shoaib Shatir was a gangster with brains and his mind was capable of thinking faster than Rashmin or any other police officer in Mumbai.
While Rashmin was doing all this, he had no idea how much trouble he was going to get into while trying to save Rashmin!

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