Scam of crores in the name of gold loan in Axis Bank in Veraval, two employees arrested

Veraval: Three Axis Bank employees in the city have perpetrated a multi-crore scam by keeping the bank in the dark. The sales manager and two employees of the gold loan department have been picked up by the police. Further investigation is going on in this matter. In which the amount of the scam is likely to increase with more accused.

Mansingh Garhiya, who worked as a sales manager in Axis Bank in Tower Chowk area of ​​Veraval city and who according to the police was the main mastermind, along with Vipul Rathore and Pinky Khemchandani, the trio met and perpetrated the pre-planned scam. The police have arrested these three and further investigation is underway.

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According to the police in this incident, these three employees gave gold loan as per rule to any customer who came to the bank to take gold loan and after verification of their gold jewelry, after taking out the original jewelry from the gold pouch, they put fake jewelry in it and returned the genuine jewelry loan. Dummy customers were raised and again availed loans on the same jewelery in his name. A complaint has been filed against the three accused in the Veraval police by bank manager Ram Solanki, who found the jewelery kept in a pouch during a surprise audit in Axis Bank to be suspiciously light and fake.

An FIR has been registered against three employees of the bank in Veraval police regarding gold loan scam in Axis Bank of Veraval. At present, fraud of 2 kg 746 grams of gold worth 2 crores has come to light. While the investigation of 426 pouches of gold loans is still going on. An embezzlement of 2 crores has been revealed in the investigation of the first 06 pouches and it will take ten days to investigate the other pouches. Also, the figure of embezzlement is likely to touch 12 to 15 crores. Gold Loan Branch Sales Manager Mansingh Garhia, Vipul Rathore and Pinkiben Khemchanda have been arrested by the police as accused.

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