Russia’s attack on Ukraine-Romania border, Romania closes roads in border area

Updated: Sep 27th, 2023

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Moscow, 27 September 2023, Wednesday

In the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, a feeling of great panic has spread after Russia’s attack on the area near the Romanian border of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s anti-aircraft guns roared through the night following the Russian attack. On the other hand, scenes of fire were seen everywhere due to Russia’s attack. The Air Force of Ukraine has claimed that we have shot down 26 out of 38 Russian drones.

However, panic has spread among the Romanian army after the attack near the border. Romanian border police have said that traffic has been stopped on some roads on the border.

Ferry services between Romania and Ukraine have also been suspended due to the Russian attack. On the other hand, the Ukrainian army has claimed that Russia has continued to attack Odessa port to target Ukraine’s grain exports. Yesterday also a godown was heavily damaged in a Russian attack. Due to which dozens of trucks and vehicles were also caught in fire.

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